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FX Schmid German edition
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German edition 1974
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11.81 x 8.66 x 2.36 inches
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ObjectID: 31408
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Text on the box: 'Bei dieser in Japan kultivierten Abart des Schachspieles ändert sich die Kampfstärke der Figuren beim Eindringen in die gegnerische Burg. Geschlagene Steine des Gegners füllen die eigenen Kampfformationen wieder auf. Ein strategisches Spiel von hohem Rang. Für 2 Spieler."

Samurai is an abstract chess-variant. The strength of the figures depends of their place. If they are captured, the figures are part of the other player's formation!

The board has 81 squares (9x9) and each players starts with 20 figures, all black and starting on the first three rows an their side. On each figure is shown where it can go: 9x 'Samurai' (only one square forward) + 2x 'Wagen' (only straight forward, never backwards) + 2x 'Pferde' (just like horses in chess, but only forward) + 2x 'Silberfeldherren' (1 square diagonal or straight forward or diagonal backwards) + 2x 'Goldfeldherren' (1 square diagonal or straight forward, to the left or right or just backwards) + 1x 'Läufer' (diagonal for- or backwards just like in chess) + 1x 'Turm' (horizontal or vertical for- or backwards or 1 square diagonal in each direction) + 1x 'Kaiser' (1 square in each direction like a king in chess).

The goal is to block the Kaiser of the other player. In that position he can't move anymore.

Part of the E-Serie by F.X. Schmid.

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