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The game represents the titanic struggle between Great Britain and Nazi Germany in the skies over England in 1940.

The German player has to plan and launch air attacks against England in the hope of destroying England’s air force and infrastructure.

The British player must attempt to use the RAF to intercept and destroy the inbound German formations before they can reach and bomb their intended targets.

The German player forms up his 5 separate Air Armies behind a screen, blocking the deployment of his forces from the English players view. Each of these 5 Air Armies are broken up into four smaller Air groups, 20 in all. Each of these groups has a corresponding token that takes their place out on the board until the British player has identified what aircraft are contained within the formation. After identification, the Token is removed and replaced with the aircraft pieces.

The make up of the German Air-force becomes known to the British defender when the Luftwaffe traverses a zone containing an active Radar site, or when the RAF engages the zone with defensive fighters, or when the Germans drop their bombs! Therefore, the German player must use his vulnerable and limited Stuka to attempt to smash open a hole in England's Radar chain so the bombers and fighters can poor through the gap into the heart of the island nation.

England will deploy her limited but formidable fighter defences to try to break Germany's massive Air Armies. England will need to plan for "early bomb releases" in coastal zones and deep probing sorties into her critical infrastructure. The German player will be keen to "Blitz" England's airports and push back her fighter defences to allow the German bombers to attack the English Rail yards, Factories, Ports, Oil Refineries and Power Stations in the islands interior with minimal interference from the RAF.

The Key for the British player is to match the bulk of her fighter defences with the largest of the German formations, no easy task, for if the English fighters engage to early or to late, the German Bombers may strike deep into England suffering minimal losses.

The Key for Germany lies in "tricking" the English player into attacking the wrong formations, throwing dozens of fighters against a handful of BF109's, fending off the British Spitz and Hurricanes and allowing the main bomber groups through relatively unmolested to bomb and blitz London and other critical infrastructure.

The real test for Germany will come when she has to probe a little deeper into England and England manages to form up her massed air wing correctly, then hits the German bombers with large numbers of fighters simultaneously! Wiping out vast numbers of irreplaceable German Aircraft.

England's test will be to try to funnel the German Air Armies into a decisive trap when when her coastal zones and industrial heart land are being "blitzed" beyond repair!

The victory conditions are simple, when Germany can no longer form 20 individual air groups, the fuehrer will call off the attack and presumably, have you shot for being a traitor! England Wins.

When England no longer has an ability to launch the RAF into action, there will be nothing to stop the German hoards from wiping Britain off the map. Nazi Victory!

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