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Be the hero. For centuries, peace reigned over the world of Molthar, until one day, the magician Ulfried destroyed the balance of Good and Evil with black magic. Darkness fell across the land, and the only hope remaining to the people of Molthar was an ancient prophecy that one day, when the time was right, a hero would come and free the world of darkness... Go to Molthar, collect magic pearls, and bind fantastic beasts to you! Increase your power and become worthy of the prophecy! 你就是英雄。 摩薩世界的和平維持了數百年,直到有一天,魔法師烏弗瑞德用黑魔法破壞了正義與 邪惡的平衡。當黑暗席捲大地,古老的預言說時機來臨時,摩薩世界裡人民僅存的唯 一希望就是會有英雄來釋放這個黑暗世界 ... 來吧,前往摩薩收集魔法珍珠並把迷人的 野獸馴服於你!增強你的力量並使預言成真

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