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Board Game
Cathedr'l: Fantasy Role Playing Chess
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Tome of Tournaments edition
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11.00 x 8.00 x 0.50 inches
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Using the strategy associated with chess, and the complexity of an RPG, adventure through the world of Cathedr'l and conquer the realm of battle.

Both sides have equal forces. Though, the pieces and their abilities, in addition to 20-sided dice (called action dice, or AD) are what makes this game maintain its role-playing aspect. Each character has the following attributes:

Hitpoints: Ranging from 8 to 14. Based on the physical prowess of a character, the Hitpoints of the character can change. for example, the Sorcerer only has 8 Hitpoints, while the Knight has 12 and the Warrior has 14.

Armor Points: The difference between armor and health being that you can roll a D20 to try and negate damage. Making an Armor Save allows your armor to act as your last layer of defense before your Hitpoints are reduced.

Accuracy: This is broken up into either melee, ranged, magic, or Defense accuracy. You must roll equal to or higher than the indicated number. Rolling a 19 or 20 will cause a CRIT, usually causing double damage. When you have to hit your target you roll however many action dice your weapon allows. Refer to your accuracy, and if the dice you rolled are equal to or above your accuracy, you successfully hit.

Weapons: Each character has some form of a melee weapon. Most characters will be able to cause either 4 or 6 total damage with their weapon. Though the way it is caused is different for every character. The knight with a flail rolls 1 action dice causing 6 damage. While the Crusader with his longsword rolls 6 action dice each causing only 1damage. The Cleric with his hand mace causes 4damage with 1 action dice, while the Sorcerer and their casting staff rolls 2 action dice each causing 2 damage.

Movement: Movements between the characters vary based on their maneuverability and battlefield mobility. The ranger holds roots to the Bishop of Chess, allowing them to go as far as they want in a diagonal line. The knight is able to move in the classic 'L-move' associated with knights of Chess. Though when it comes to the Crusader (able to move up to 2 squares diagonally) or Assassin(able to move up to 2 squares in ANY direction) Cathedr'l takes on its own personality as characters must use their unique movement to navigate the battlefield.

Spells: The Sorcerer, Cleric, and Paladin, utilize magic to support themselves and their allies in combat with powerful abilities only used by the select few magic users of Cathedr'l.

Abilities: Abilities are what will allow certain characters their unique traits. The Warrior and his Charge ability allow him, like a pawn, to move up to 2 squares on his first movement. The Paladin with the ability of STED, has built extreme strength and endurance and has an extra Hitpoint that regenerates at the end of every turn, essentially ignoring 1 point of damage whenever he is hit.

Using a system that is as deep and complex, as a tried and true RPG, and the unique strategy offered by chess, both players will use strategy and the role-playing aspect of a 20-sided Action Dice in order to outsmart and gain better positioning against their opponents.

In order to beat the game, you must slay your opponents King AND Queen. After slaying either of the two 'royal' characters on your opponent's team, all of the their characters that started the game on their respective royal's side of the board, go into exile and are removed from play. This allows for another layer of strategy as slaying your opponents king or queen can leave your opponent at half strength and weak against your troops

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