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Milton Bradley Spanish travel edition
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8.07 x 5.71 x 1.65 inches
0.40 pounds
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Object of the Game: To be first to get all your pieces to the Finish after moving them once round the track.

Playing board and lid with Pop-o-matic dice
16 playing piieces (in 4 colours)
label shett

Playing the game:
1. Place your 4 playing pieces in the Home spaces in the corner of the board below the matching colours strips.

2. Each player presses the Pop-o-matic. The player who "pops" the highest number goes first and play continues clockwise.

3.In your turn, pop the dice once. When your pop a 6, moe one playing piece to your Start Space.

4. Once you have started moving a playing piece, and you pop a 6, you may choose elther to bring another piece out to the Start Space, or to move obe of your pieces already in the track. In elther case, you may have another pop and move any piece.

5. If you land on a space accupied by an opponent's piece, you send that piece back to its home corner and take its place. If an opponent's piece is occupying your Start space and you pop a 6, you can bring out one of your pieceand send your opponent back to the beginning.

6. If you only possible move is to land on one of your own pieces, stay where you are,

7. After you have moved a piece all the way round the track, follow your colour arrow into the spaces in the centre of the board. You can fill them in any order, but each piece must arrive by exact count. If you cannot use the full count of the die, stay where you are.

The winner: The firts player to get all his playing pieces into his 4 finish spaces wins the game.

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