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Board Game: Stockbroker
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First edition
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22.00 x 12.00 x 3.00 inches
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Description Edit | History

I have added the illustrator Martyn Walsh (pending approval)

Catalogue Desceiption:
Unashamedly authentic, this game invites you to compete to make the most money buying and selling shares. A game that will involve from 2 to 6 players, both older children and adults.
“Stockbroker” is the one money game which can be, and indeed has been, enjoyed equally by hardened City men as well as the rest of us.
For the game is the first to be based on the buying and selling of large blocks of shares; the value of which rise and fall, as on the real Stock Exchange, actually during the buying and selling.
Players, each of whom is given capital of £1m, move around the board buying and selling shares, getting tips and information on market trends, and trying to acquire controlling interests in companies.
Players also try to depress the value of shares held by other players.
The winner is the player whose portfolio of shares (plus any capital) is worth the most at the prices prevailing when the game is declared over.
But to be a winning Stockbroker is far from easy. Not unnaturally the winner of this game will have to be a lot like a real stockbroker: very shrewd, very cunning, and not a little ruthless.
“A large imposing game which some testers found irresistible.” The Observer.