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Board Game: Spellfire
Board Game
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English third edition
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2-deck card box (e.g. Coloretto)
Release Date
Okt 1995
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ObjectID: 350521
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Description Edit | History

3rd Edition - October 1995 - This is where they really started correcting the mistakes of their forefathers. This set, like 2nd edition, took out 20 of the rares (notable losses this time included Disintegrate [#393] and Discovery of Spellfire [#401]). However, it also included the editing of 150 cards from previous sets with powers that didn't work, had no powers at all, or needed to be corrected to reflect correct casting times. The rules also changed, limiting one of any event in a deck. It also indirectly caused 4th edition rules to come out early, because there was a combo that allowed a player to take an infinite amount of turnes in a row. That's the real reason 4th ed rules say a limit of one of any card. Landmark Cards: Ruins of Zhentil Keep (#3); Cormyr (#5); Evermeet (#29); War Party (#54); Karlott the Shaman (#63); Joliet the Rash (#78); The Horned Society (#117); Arch-Druid (#189); Kevin's Blade of Doom (#206); Sadira (#260); Dispel Magic (#346 & 358); Gatekeeper (#422); Weasel Attack (#428); Estate Transference (#437); and Starving Artist (#439).