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English fourth edition
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2-deck card box (e.g. Coloretto)
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July 1996
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4th Edition - July 1996 - This is still easily the most saught after set of cards. 4th Edition was a completely new set of 1-500 cards, with a 20 card chase set (1 chase per deck). The deck still was bought with a double-deck format, but the other deck box held a Draconomicon Booster pack. This set brought back all the key cards from various past sets, and really brought great strength to the game. Its a pity they ran out so quickly. The set strengthened all worlds and themes, and made them viable for high level play. This is also the first time we see unarmed combat cards for dragons, undead, elf(drow) [still only 1!], and Unarmed Combats cards for any champion to use. It also gave us the new designation of Adventurer and Dwarf(mul). Landmark Cards (and there were a ton!): Stonefist hold (#24); Ull (#25); Ur Draxa (#32); Dragon's Crown Mountains (#39); The Mistmoor (#44); Blood Sea of Istar (#57); Nightmare Lands (#64); Lair of the Eye Tyrant (#68); Fortification: Bailey (#84); Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (#100); Dance of the Red Death (#112); Hurricane! (#140); Wrath of the Immortals (#157); Rings of All Seeing (#171); Dark Haven (#188); Arrow of Slaying (#200); Skeletal Lord (#217); Athasian Sloth (#230); Marauder (#233); The Dreaded Ghost (#246); Helm (#255); Kalid-na (#279); various adventurers (#289-297); Yumac the Cold (#311); Moraster (#339); Chevnerik (#347); Arlando El-Adaba (#351); Limited Wish (#382); Re-target (#389); Faith-Magic Zone (#405); Nature's Throne (#461); Throne of the Pharaohs (#466); Remnis (#481); Midnight Goddess of Magic (#487); Iuz, Avatar of Evil (#488); Rule Lawyer's Delight (491); Sea of Dust (#504); Etherial Champion (#508); and The Winner's Cape (#520).

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