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Simulacrum edition
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Simulacrum 17
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Crete was reproduced in issue #17 of Simulacrum published by John Kula in April 2003. The game rules were redone in a more readable fashion. The maps were modified by adding a small box in the corner with the name and number since the game is not contiguous. John Kula wrote at the end of the rules: "Following the rules were several pages of designer's notes. The game description for Crete also included a Time Record chart, which has been left out of this summary simply because it was trivial. The original chart was a 10x10 grid with the 10 games turns in ascending order down the y-axis, and 10 game numbers along the x-axis. The instructions were to check off one turn after both players had moved. The S&T games became more sophisticated over time, yet this first primitive effort contained the rudiments of many SPI characteristics...numbered rules, typical CRT, cookie-cutter units, detailed historical and designer's notes, some interesting chrome, and some last-minute editions that didn't get properly integrated into the rules (such as the two types of combat with their own CRTs). But at this stage in the proceedings, SPI cum Poultron Press was uncertain enough about reader feedback to editorialze with: "If you show a great deal of enthusiasm for this sort of thing we'll make it a regular feature, say every other issue or something like that." They probably had no idea that enthusiasm would result in a game in every issue. - ed."