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Everyone knows "man is not angry", but who knows Dog? It is a "man anger not you" variant and a very old game that comes from North America and has taken root in Switzerland to conquer the old continent. The ur-dog game is played with the old Swiss rules of 1997.

The lid of the box serves as the square game board, on which a circular course is shown. This round trip is 4 x 15 fields long. In every corner is the house of a player, above it the right running field is the starting field for this house and between the running lines its goal. Everyone has four poppies, which he places in his house.

It´s played with the old rules from 1997.

It is played with normal double-playing cards: 2x55 cards with jokers. Patience, canasta, rummy or the normal dog cards. These are not included in the scope of delivery and can also be purchased in our shop. Here you will find a selection of cards.