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Hanami Hanafuda
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IndianWolf Hanami edition
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3.50 x 2.50 x 0.75 inches
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Jan 1, 2018
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Jun 8, 2017
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Jul 11, 2017
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Hanami (“flower viewing”) was inspired by the floral motifs and symbolism-rich imagery of traditional Japanese hanafuda. Hanafuda cards have 12 suits. Each suit is represented by a month of the year and each month is represented by a flower. Hanami was designed as 13 tetraptychs, creating a unique floral scene for each month. Hanami was illustrated by artist Antonietta Fazio-Johnson and published by IndianWolf Studios LLC.

Hanami will be available in two formats, Hanafuda and Fusion.
The Fusion edition of Hanami has indices, similar to Poker, that can be used to play both Eastern and Western games without limitation. The flower index indicates the flower and month. The standard poker number index corresponds with the month (2=Feb, 3=March, and so on). The type index indicates the hanafuda card type (Bright, Ten, Poetry Ribbon, Red Ribbon, Purple Ribbon, and Chaff). These indices aid players in card identification without using numerical values, phrases, or other limiting markings.

Hanami Hanafuda and Fusion decks will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC) and will feature casino-quality Emerald Finish. These will be limited quantity first edition print runs. Each deck will measure 2.5” x 3.5”.

The art from Hanami will also feature in the Hanami Edition of Hanafuda Games, an in-depth 236 page rulebook featuring 37-games with numerous illustrations, intuitive scoring examples, and quick reference charts. The Hanafuda Games rulebook was written by Jason Johnson and Antonietta Fazio-Johnson.

The Hanafuda Games rulebook contains the following games:

Capture Games
Capture Games are the most popular hanafuda games. Capture games involve capturing cards from a field and creating yaku (special combinations of cards) to score points.
• Simplified Game for Beginners (Absolute Beginner, 2-4 players)
• Matching Flowers (Beginner, 2-3 players)
• Hana-Awase 1 (Beginner, 3-4 players)
• Hana-Awase 2 (Beginner, 3 players)
• Mushi (Beginner, 2 players)
• Six Hundred (Beginner, 2-3 players)
• Hachi-juu Hana (Beginner, 2-3 players)
• Min-Hwatu (Intermediate, 2-3 players)
• Koi-Koi (Intermediate, 2 players)
• Oni Koi-Koi (Intermediate, 2 players)
• Higo-Bana [Sakura] (Intermediate, 2-7 players; best with 2-4)
• Tensho, simplified (Intermediate, 2 players)
• Go-Stop (Advanced, 2-7 players)
• Hachi-Hachi (Advanced, 2-7 players; best with 4-6)
• Sudaoshi (Advanced, 3 players)
• Hachi, simplified (Advanced, 2 players)
• Hachi (Advanced, 2 players)
• Tensho (Advanced, 2 players)

Sequence Games
Sequence games involve playing cards from your hand in sequential order with the objective to empty your hand. Sequence games are a great way to learn hanafuda month order.
• Poka (Beginner, 2 players)
• Hiyoko, simplified (Beginner, 2-4 players)
• Isuri, simplified (Beginner, 2-3 players)
• Kage (Beginner, 2 players)
• Hiyoko (Intermediate, 2-4 players)
• Isuri (Intermediate, 2-3 players)

Luck Games
Luck games are simple, fast-paced, gambling-oriented games. Many of the games in this section were traditionally played with Kabufuda decks.
• Sutda, simplified (Beginner, 2-10 players)
• Hiki-Kabu (Beginner, 2-10 players)
• Oicho-Kabu (Beginner, 2-10 players)
• Kyo-Kabu (Beginner, 2-10 players)
• Kingo (Beginner, 2-10 players)
• Sota (Intermediate, 2-6 players)
• Sutda (Intermediate, 2-10 players)

Fusion Games
Fusion Games are a collection of Western-inspired games that we reinterpreted and designed for gameplay with a Hanafuda deck. These games provide a familiar platform for Western players to become more comfortable with the Hanafuda deck.
• Seasons (Beginner, 1-4 players)
• Pyramid (Beginner, 1 players)
• Solitaire (Intermediate, 1 players)
• Eight Off (Intermediate, 1 players)
• Hana-Rumi (Intermediate, 2-4 players)
• Hana-Gin (Intermediate, 2-4 players)

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