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SimplyClever.Cards Percentages 2
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3.58 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches
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SimplyClever.Cards Percentages 2 combines traditional playing cards with math flash cards. The deck has 52 cards in 4 colours numbered 1% to 100%, and 4 jokers.

Each card has a diagram illustrating a relative change expressed in percent (e.g. 20%, 25% or 50%) that corresponds to the card value, ranging from 1% to 100%.

One joker has a table showing which 4 cards match up for each value, in order to check the math when necessary. The remaining 3 jokers have mathematical operators +, - and = so you can make your own calculations using the cards.

Designed to function like a regular deck of cards (including traditional pips for suits and ranks), SimplyClever.Cards Percentages 1 allows you to play any regular card game you want to - but with a mathematical twist! Game examples: 500, Casino, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Hearts, Memory, Old Maid, Slap Jack, Snap, UNO etc.