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Board Game: Aristeia!
Board Game
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English edition
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12.01 x 12.01 x 2.95 inches
Release Date
Nov 2017
Release Comment
Debuts at SPIEL 2017
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Oct 23, 2017
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Nov 19, 2017
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Description Edit | History

Aristeia! is the new sports game by Corvus Belli that allows two players to take the role of a competition team manager in the greatest visual show of the Human Sphere.
The game will come in a basic box including everything necessary to play: 8 character figures with their exclusive cards, 8 Initiative cards, 52 Tactics cards, 3 booklets (Access Guide to Human Sphere, How-to-Play instructions, and Reference Guide), a reversible board (the HexaDome), dice, counters, and tokens.

Should you stick to the game plan or thwart your competitor’s? Aristeia! is a board game where two teams of four exclusive characters from the Infinity Universe face each other. Aristeia! includes the well-known Miyamoto Mushashi, Wild Bill, and Major Lunah, plus five more fighters specially designed and modeled by the professionals at Corvus Belli.

Aristeia! will allow players to choose their team and jump into action in the HexaDome, the arena where the definitive contact sport of the Human Sphere takes place. Players will enjoy the dynamic and spectacular nature of Aristeia! thanks to the exclusive character cards and Tactics cards representing incredible combat feats.

In little more than one hour, players will enjoy a fun game that will immerse them in strategies and tactics that promise to become addictive.
Furthermore, for the most competitive players, Corvus Belli will arrange a special organized game play system for Aristeia!, with an international ranking and tournament kits including material and prizes for the winners.

Aristeia! will have regular expansion packs with new characters, each of them featuring their own special skills and new combos that will improve the game experience. These expansion packs will be independent and completely optional.