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First edition, second printing
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Gettysburg-58 alternate edition
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14.25 x 11.25 x 1.50 inches
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This was made by Charles S. Roberts II at his home at 305 Gun Road Baltimore MD. Has the Avalon Hill Gun Road Address on box and the mapboard, and the 501 number is not on the box. Everything else is the same as the other 1958 Edition except there are no range cards.

We recommend GETTYSBURG not only to the legions of Civil War enthusiasts whose intense interest is obvious, but also to the "chess and checkers" type gentlemen, regardless of age. For such a person, GETTYSBURG is a superb that will be a constant source of pleasure for years to come.

GETTYSBURG is a realistic and highly comprehensive all-skill game that presents the players with the splendid opportunity to re-fight the battle of Gettysburg in their own way. All of the conditions that existed before the battle are given to the players-the conclusion is determined by their skill alone.

The only elements of chance are introduced into the conduct of play are those inherent in any military operation. The method of combat and movement in the game GETTYSBURG is and adaptation of the realistic formula used in the game TACTICS II- a war game played internationally.

No military skill or experience is necessary to become competent with GETTYSBURG. The only requirement is that the player be an intelligent, thinking person who takes genuine enjoyment from challenging thought.

With Pride, we submit GETTYSBURG for your consideration. $4.95

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