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Sky Relics: Battle of Iron Ring Skies
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Second edition
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Sky Relics

Sky Relics: Battle of Iron Ring Skies

The original edition was a combination of RPG and Skirmish, which while the models were liked caused issues with those wanting a more quick play system.

The Owner of Sky Relics and writer Derek Heath, decided to split the game into two modes and scrapped the first system, taking some components from it and reverting back to older versions.

'The first Varient (RPG)
A strategic miniature board game with Sky Relics: Battle of Iron Ring Skies comes with two modes of play. The Adventure Mode puts you at the forefront in the struggle for the Iron Ring Skies. Pick a captain of fate for the Adventure Mode and travel throughout the Iron Ring Skies. Each captain quests to claim the region for of the Commonwealth or Sky Pirates by gaining the favor of the ports. There you can upgrade your SkyShip, buy a new one, buy cargo for trade, and carry out quests. Once you’ve won over the port, your captain is one step closer to realizing their destiny, and it’s off to another adventure! You’ll navigate the skies on a hexagon board map, but be wary. Targus skies are fraught with dangerous storms, damaging pollution, fields of floating rocks, and other SkyShips. Protect yourself and your booty from bandits, Sky Pirates, or the Commonwealth (depending on whose allegiance you’ve gained favor).

The Second variant (SK)
Not into role-playing? Would you rather just blast your friends out of the sky? Sky Relics also has a Skirmish mode! Build a fleet and battle your friends with fast-paced, turn-by-turn action. The hexagon board is a breathing map whose weather patterns have just as much an influence on the outcome as you do. Skirmish battles take at least 45 minutes depending on the type of battle you play.

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