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Board Game
7 Wonders
Version Nickname
Repos English R29 edition 2017
Alternate Nickname
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Year Released
Product Code
SEV-EN01, CH2017R29
Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
2.50 pounds
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Description Edit | History

At the reverse of the box, next to the bar code it says:
Ref: SEV-EN01
Run: CH2017R29

In this edition all tokens are cardboard chits (no wooden disks), and the wonder boards have just the names of the cities, and not the names of the wonders themselves (e.g., just "Babylon" instead of "The Hanging Gardens of Babylon", and "Olympia", instead of "The Statue of Zeus in Olympia").

The box front has four award logos: Deutscher Spielepreis, Tric Trac d'Or, As d'Or, and International Gamers Awards.

On the bottom side says: More than 30 international awards! Includes a banner for 7 wonders app and ghost stories and other banner with Repos games.

Box sides has other awards logos.