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Board Game: The Siege of Jerusalem (Third Edition)
Board Game
The Siege of Jerusalem (Third Edition)
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English edition
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14.60 x 10.70 x 1.20 inches
2.31 pounds
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Hex-O-Gram Catalogue Issue 85 Game Description:
Boxed boardgame by Avalon Hill
It is 70 AD. Five grueling years of bitter campaigning in Judea have come to a head. In an epic battle simulation with all the trappings and majesty of a Cecil B. DeMille film, the Judean Zealots must face the terrible might of Titus' Roman legions. Vastly revised from its initial printing in the 1970's, SIEGE OF JERUSALEM now boasts two-sided counters; a continuous combat system; a strategic interphase for conducting the entire siege; and morale/panic rules so important to portrayal of ancient warfare. An introductory Scenario depicting the failed attempt by Gallus and the XII Legion three years earlier allows players to learn how to handle a legion in a single day's play while training for conduct of the epic siege. With a High complexity rating and equally high solitaire suitability, this game is ideal for two players or teams.