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Star Wars: The Interactive Video Board Game
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English edition
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10.00 x 20.00 x 3.00 inches
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Star Wars
Assault on the Death Star VCR Board Game

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Following a failed Rebel mission to destroy the Empire's second Death Star, the Emperor has entrusted Lord Vader with the task of delivering the formidable battle station to Endor, where it can be completed in secret.

En route to Endore, Lord Vader receives word that probe droids have detected a large Rebel supply base in the nearby D'rinba System. Driven by hatred for the Rebel Alliance, he notifies the Emperor that he intends to divert the Death Star to the D'rinba System. Taking two Star Destroyers as escorts, Lord Vader plans the destruction of the Rebel planet.

When the Rebels on D'rinba intercept this message they are left with no alternative but to send a team of their best troops to disable the Death Star, before it comes within firing range of the planet. Using a stolen Imperial Supply Freighter and code, the Rebels are able to board the station.

Meanwhile, aboard the Death Star, Lord Vader sets course for D'rinba IV.

You are the Rebel troops chosen for this mission! Before you play the videotape and embark upon your mission, follow the setup instructions and read the rules to all players.

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