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Board Game: Hey, That's My Fish!
Board Game
Hey! That's My Fish!
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Mayfair English edition 2005
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10.63 x 7.68 x 2.17 inches
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ObjectID: 51201
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ISBN 1-56905-176-3

[q="Guenter.Cornett"]So I just tell about what is my part at developing/designing HTMF: play it just as a two-player-game, scoring each tile = 1 point. This is what I got from Alvydas.

Besides the theme My change is: different worth of each tile from 1-3. Not a big change, but a big effect. it changes a dry abstract game into a fluid family game and makes it possible for more players. While the 2player-1pointpertile-score has a poor dramaturgy, now the game has not only a longtime objection (control big area) but also short time objections(take the tiles with many fishes). This changes so much.[/q]