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Board Game: HeroQuest
Board Game
Version Nickname
English edition 2021
Alternate Nickname
Version Publisher
Version Artist
Year Released
Product Code
16.00 x 12.00 x 5.25 inches
Release Date
Jan 2022
Release Comment
Release Status
Pre-order Type
Hasbro Pulse
Pre-order URL
Pre-order Start Date
Sep 22, 2020
Pre-order End Date
Nov 6, 2020
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Description Edit | History

Deep inside another dimension, face battling barbarians and evil magic on a quest for adventure in a maze of monsters. This is HeroQuest, the fantasy adventure game, where winning means mastering the art of combat and magic. Once you get into it, you'll never be the same.

What’s in the box?

You can expect updated versions of Miniatures, Tiles/Markers, Character Cards, Combat Dice, Movement Dice, Gameboard, Character Sheets, Quest Books, Rules of Play, Sorcerer Screen, Turn Cards, and Game Cards.

What version of the rules are you using?

We have an updated (U.S. version) rule book. You can expect that there will be only minor changes to this resource. New rules will be added to the heroes in our Mythic Tier unlocks.

Are the quest books the same?

We have updated (U.S. version) quest books. You can expect that there will be only minor changes to this resource. New quest books could be added to our Mythic Tier unlocks if we meet those funding goals.

What size are the figures/game pieces included?

Mini figures are planned to be 28mm scale but their actual height will vary by character size.

Will all the models be grey?

Based on community feedback, we have decided to differentiate model colors (similar to original versions).

Hasbro HasLab Pledge Tiers

Content Heroic Tier Mythic Tier (Includes Heroic Tier)
Heroes 4 (gender alts for each - Pulse Bonus) +3 (warlock, druid, bard - unlocked)
Sir Ragnar N/A 1 (Pulse Bonus - Campaign Exclusive)
Gargoyle 1
Dread Sorcerer 1 +1 (alt style - unlocked)
Dread Warriors 4 +2 (alt style, female - unlocked)
Scyte Skeletons 4 +2 (alt style - unlocked)
Orcs 4 male, 4 female +2 (alt style - unlocked)
Goblins 4 male, 2 female +2 (alt style - unlocked)
Mummies 2 +2 (alt style, female - unlocked)
Zombies 2 +2 (alt style, female - unlocked)
Abominations 3 +2 (alt style - unlocked)
Open Doors 16
Closed Doors 5
Tomb 1
Sorcerer's Table 1
Rack 1
Weapons Rack 1
Table 2
Bookcase 2
Cupboard 1
Treasure Chests 3
Fireplace 1
Throne 1
Alchemist's Bench 1
Rats 4
Skulls 10
Combat dice 6 +6 (unlocked)
Quest Books 1 +2 (unlocked)
Expansions N/A +2 (Return Of The Witch Lord & Kellar's Keep)
Expansions Bonuses N/A +2 miniatures (Mentor with hero card & Witch Lord - Campaign Exclusives)