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Board Game: Stratego
Board Game
Stratego 1821
Version Nickname
Zito! Greek edition 2021
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15.75 x 10.43 x 2.17 inches
2.43 pounds
Release Date
Mar 1, 2021
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ObjectID: 551074
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Description Edit | History

The classic game of battlefield strategy in a special Collector's edition for the 200th anniversary of the outbreak of the Greek revolution of 1821.

Original Stratego rules and rankings apply but this edition includes:
Unique, custom artwork on the playing board, which is different than the Original version
Unique, custom artwork on the playing pieces that is related to the two armies of the era
Unique, custom artwork on the divider board that is used to hide the army from your opponent

"Tomorrow I must send my forces into an important battle with the enemy. The Redcoats have already
weakened... but so have my men! We are determined, however, to do our best and fight for our country. I’m a little concerned about the secret formation that I have to organize. Fortunately, the General informed me that you’re a brilliant strategist! Will you help me defeat the Redcoat army?"
Attack and capture the flag!

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