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Board Game: Hidden Games Crime Scene: The New Haven Case
Board Game
Hidden Games Crime Scene: The case of Little Gomersal
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HIDDEN GAMES CRIME SCENE - the live murder mystery game for real detectives!

The villagers of Little Gomersal need your help!

A mysterious death at a folk festival causes trouble. The death was dismissed by the police as natural and you are commissioned by an unknown person to investigate the case more closely. But who is the unknown client? And is it really a natural death?

Work together as private detectives to investigate a real murder mystery!

One thing is clear: this calls for true pros. To find the murderer, you will need to examine all the documents carefully, study the fingerprints, check the alibis and do some research.

You can even use your mobile phones!

A real detective will follow any scent to uncover the mystery. Can you think creatively enough? No limits are imposed on your creativity during your investigations.

A multimedia hunt for the killer!
As a team, you will need to analyse letters, interpret the police interviews of various suspects, make telephone calls and even do some research on the Internet.

Your approach to finding a solution is guaranteed to be multidimensional.

Assume the role of real detectives!
Study the fingerprints, collect all the information on your large poster, discuss the alibis and motives.

Blur the boundaries between the game and reality!

Use technical resources!
For your research during your investigations, you need Internet access and a telephone. It would also be helpful (but not absolutely essential) for one of you to have a Facebook account.

You can use all possible means of investigation, including your mobile phone!

For 1-6 players
The ideal number of players for our murder mystery game is 2-6 people. However, the game works equally well on your own!

With a larger group, it is recommended that you divide up the documents at the beginning. The murder mystery game has even been successfully solved in groups of ten. And a few more heads generally think better than one...

Duration of game: 1,5 - 3 hours
You should allow approx. 1.5-3 hours for the murder mystery game. However, you can also put it aside one evening and continue the next day.

You will all work together in a team, rather than playing against one another.

Suitable for ages 14+
The game is suitable for people aged 14 and over. It is too complex for a group of younger children. In a family, however, younger children can also make a contribution and assist with the detective work.

The most important questions

Playing frequency
The game can be played more frequently if you don’t write on the documents. We recommend you to use post-it notes, for example, in order to avoid this. You must not cut up game materials or destroy them in any other way. However, once you have solved the case, you will know the solution. But you can pass the game on to friends, for example.

During the game, you will have to use particular technology resources. You need Internet access. It would also be helpful for one of the players to have a Facebook account. If some of these conditions are not met, you can obtain hints at any time from our help page and continue playing without any problems.

Our cases can be solved in any order. You do not need to start with Case 1, then move on to Case 2 etc.

Everyone draws a blank from time to time. So that we can give you the best possible help with your investigations, a detailed help website is available, on which you can view tips at any time, without too much being revealed.

Playing via Zoom/Skype
Theoretically, you can even play together when you are in different locations. However, each team needs their own copy of the game in their location. Otherwise, information will simply be missing. We have frequently received feedback that groups have successfully played in this way. If you have some experience with Escape Room games, this is definitely possible. Otherwise, we recommend that you play together in one place.