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Board Game: Pastiche: The Birth of a Masterpiece
Board Game
Pastiche: The Birth of a Masterpiece
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Japanese second edition
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Nov 2021
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You are famous novelists who works hard to get their writing published and recognized. To write a masterpiece, you need to imitate the work of others well and create your own work based on the history of literature. In other words, only a well-pastiche writer will be praised. Who can write the best masterpiece?

This game uses a special deck of 7 sets of cards with 7 numbers in sequence. With another set of cards that set the rules for the sets to form.

Players can draw cards to their hand, or play a card into a row to try finish writing the book. Players can move other cards on the table to another row (book). Once a book is completed, that player is awarded points according to the cover of the book (VP card).