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Board Game: Summit
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Milton Bradley first edition
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20.00 x 13.50 x 1.50 inches
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Summit, a new and different game, made for people who like to think and have fun at the same time. Exciting action, tense decisions, and skill are involved in the play of the game. The strategy is based on the world of today. Each player represents one of the six major powers. As the game is played, he directs the progress of his country as it extends its influence over the less developed areas of the world.

SUMMIT IS NOT AN ORDINARY GAME. There are no secrets in it. All players know the strength of each other player. Strategy and plans are discussed openly. Players may form and break alliances and confer freely on the progress of competitor nations. No set strategy will guarantee the winning of the game because unknown factors in the form of CURRENT EVENTS, enter to rapidly change the world situation. The actions of two competitors may affect all other players in the game. At the SUMMIT Conference, the entire World Power situation can again change, enabling even the weakest country to finish the game as winner.

The game is played on a revised Polar Projection map of the World. The implements: Air Bases, Steel Mills, and Consumer Goods Factories are used to show where the action takes place.

In today's "nuclear age", all thinking people are opposed to a total war which would probably mean the annihilation of the human race. Therefore, warfare is rejected as a means of obtaining world domination. Rather, the World Powers use "threats" of military strength as weapons for domination or retaliation to other's "threats". This element of MILITARY THREAT, is represented by Air Bases and the Red Power chips.

Industrial Power today is another important factor in world influence. This economic strength is used in power politics but does not necessarily increase the well-being of the country where the heavy industry is located. The power element of ECONOMIC PRESSURE is represent in the game by Steel Mills (plastic squares) and its corresponding Black Power chip... The Mills in the game also produce "I" Beams. These are necessary to build new units.

Heavy industrial power in the form of Steel Mills can be converted to Consumer Goods Factories. This improves the Standard of Living in the areas where they are located, increasing the popularity of the world power that owns them. The element of POPULAR SUPPORT is represented by plastic squares, Automobile Side Up, and the White Power chips.

SUMMIT combines the elements of Chance, Military power, Economic pressure, Popular Support, and the players' opportunity to control the SUMMIT Conference.

The full enjoyment of the game of Summit is gained from thoroughly understanding the mechanics of play as explained in the rules. These are easily absorbed by following the logical steps of the game. In general, SUMMIT proceeds in two phases. The first phase is spent in improving the Living Standards and building Spheres of Influence. The last and most important phase is the climax of the game, the SUMMIT Conference, which decides the WINNER.

(From the inside box cover, in its entirety.)