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Zombi!!! Seconda Edizione
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Italian second edition
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9.06 x 5.91 x 1.57 inches
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Twilight Creations has grown accustomed to a standard setting of great charm, game speed, redundancy of materials and price very contained.
And this game does not betray the expectations at all!

The graphics component is much more accurate and detailed in the previous version, recreating the atmosphere even more of a classic zombie-movie tradition of Romeriana.
For the occasion, the regulation was also improved, going to clarify some points of the game and introducing some interesting variations.

The setting is one of the classic survival-horror based on zombies, where playing a handful of survivors, confronting hordes of undead, will make his way to a heliport, the only way out of this hell!
An introduction to environmental regulation in early will make you jump immediately into the plot, what is good for beginners of the genre, both veterans "eaters" (pass me the very appropriate term) of the classic theme.

Box Contents:
30 map tiles, a bunch of 50 event cards, 6 miniature human (called "guys with a gun"), life counters, counters and projectile up to 100 miniatures of the Dead (50 men and 50 women) in plastic, 2 dice and a regulation 4 pages.

At each turn, the active player must, as a first step, draw a map card from the deck of cards and position it so that all roads shown have access to others already in place and not in "conflict" with the other.
Each tile having a maximum of nine boxes passable thanks to the roll of a die that will determine the number of steps that we can do. Whenever you meet a zombie in a box covered by us will start the fight.
The combat phase is determined by a simple roll of the dice, where according to the result (1.2 or 3 for a loss, 4, 5 or 6 for a win) there will be a success.
Once the combat phase will move to the phase shift of the Dead. Even here you have a roll of the dice, where the result will be equal to the number of zombies that you can move to one square each.
The game will continue so long as it has reached one of two main goals (to reach the heliport or "collect" 25 zombies).

Zombies! Second Edition is pleasant and suitable for fast games and fun with friends, counting on an average of 60 minutes, with faster start-up almost non-existent, since the elements involved will be placed from time to time at every turn.
Do not expect the "Game of the Year". Zombies! Second Edition is a game that enjoys a great setting, an exceptionally high visual impact, but at the same time bit more fun that the complex game mechanics.

Improvements and additions to the First Edition include:

  • Revised and updated rules.
  • Updated art for greater visual impact.
  • Deeper box designed to hold all the Zombies!!! expansions.
  • Brand new art on all Map tiles.
  • Revised or new art on all Event cards.
  • Red Heart tokens.
  • New "female" zombie figure.

Game is compatible with previous sets and expansions.

Part of the Zombies!!! series of games.

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