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Flipper Felix
A cooperative dice game for 2-6 players aged 4 and up.

Will you manage to collect all the small herrings in the middle so that they form a rainbow fish? You have to be careful because you are playing against greedey Bubble.

Preparation of the game:
Hide the little herrings between the water plants in the corners of the game board. Make sure the colors coincide.
Place Bulbble on any of the big violet fish squares. Bubble will swim during the whoe game in a clockwise direction around and around the big rainbow fish. Be careful: sometime he will catch one little herring from the middle.

How to play:
You throw the dice in a clockwise direction.
The player who ca open his/her mouth the widest may start by throwing the dice with the fish once.

On the dice with the fish apperars:
Flipper Felix, the small herring. Choose one fo the small herrings from one fo the corner and put it on a square in the middle onf the game board to swim. Now it's the next palyer turn.

Greedy Bubble. This means the Bubble will move. Throw the dice with the dots and move the greedy fat fish the corresponding squares.

The violet fish squares have different meanings:
Bubble eats a herring
He takes a little herring of the corresponding color from the big rainbow fish and put the fish into the belly of Bubble. If there isn't yet a fish of the color on the rainbow fish, nothing will happen.

Bubble spits out herrings
Bubble has eaten too much. He feels sick, has to burp and spits out all the little herrings he has eaten. The herrings hide away quickly between the water plants. You take all fish from Bubble's belly and place them into the corners of the game board.

Bubble is full.
Bubble is satisfies and full. Nothing happens.

It's the net player;s turn it is always throws the dice with the fish first. Only when Bubble appears, do you take the violet dice with the dots and throw it.

Are there no more herrings hidden between the water plants? And the rainbow fish isn't yet complete, because Bubble is swimming around fully fed? If this is the case you should only play with the dice with the dots and move the fat fish.

End of the game:
If you succeed to complete the rainbow fish will all the little herrings you wind the game against Bubble.
If Bubble succeeds to swallow four herrings, you lose together against the fat fish.

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