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Board Game: War Law
Board Game
War Law
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First edition
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11.75 x 9.75 x 1.50 inches
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War Law is the mass combat system for ICE's Rolemaster system. With War Law a GM can make numerous detailed decisions for every aspect of battles that can have anywhere from 2 to 1000's of participants. However, War Law also includes a very specific, simplified version of this battle system that makes standard decisions for many of the key battle system aspects (e.g., scale, unit size, abstracted losses, unit integrity, morale, etc.). This simplified version does not require a GM to use — it is a fully functional boardgame. War Law has everything you need to make your Rolemaster battles something that will enrich the sagas and legends of your campaign for centuries to come.

War Law provides:
• A Standard Game for quick and easy mass combat resolution.
• A full-blown Refereed Game and a set of Optional Rules that allows a GM to tailor his system to handle any large battle that can occur in his world.
• A unit generation system that allows the development of units and their skills through the use of a RM development point cost system — 15 unit types and dozens of skills.
• A `unit attack table' for each of the basic RM attack tables, so that weapon attacks made by groups of combatants will statistically approximate normal RM results.
• War Law covers morale rules, maneuver rules, ferocity rules, leaders, formations, siege weapons, and historical and tactical considerations.
• Summary sheets and blank unit status sheets to help speed play.
• A hex-based display system: clear plastic hex-sheets and full color terrain inserts.
• Hundreds of color counters for representing units and leaders.
• Adaptable to most other fantasy role playing systems.