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Episode: Episode 11 - The Bard of BardicBroadcasts ( 150.32 MB / 109:27)

Jack talks with The Bard of the BardicBroadcasts youtube channel, perhaps best known for the viral hit "Why Heroquest is so Great". Bard uses his "cracking unboxings" to share gaming's history and lore. We talk Heroquest, unboxings, games workshop, D&D, Tolkien, and so much more. 

New Games: Forbidden Stars & Secret Hitler

Episode: Looking Ahead to 2017 (with Special Guests!) ( 102.88 MB / 0:00)
Looking Ahead to 2017 (with Special Guests!)
Episode: Episode 29 - Race vs Roll for the Galaxy ( 82.1 MB / 93:55)

Race vs Roll for the Galaxy

  This episode begins with a slew of newly played games, including The Gallerist, Love Letter Premium, and Manhattan Project: Energy Empire. Jeff fills us in on new last game in The Bloody Minute, and finally Adrian chats about his latest trip to the Heavy Cardboard Gaming Meetup. In the news, a Terraforming Mars expansion is announcing, Ignacy Trzewcizek’s newest game First Martians is taking preorders, and a ton of games are getting reprinted. In Kickstarters, the only thing of note was Reiner Knizia’s newest game, Khan of Khans, finally appeared on the site. Moving on to the review section, our hosts do a double header, Race for the Galaxy and it’s newer, “hotter” cousin Roll for the galaxy. They do a brief rundown on both and then try and figure out if there is a place for both on your shelf.

00:00:25 Banter! - Featuring: Talk about the lack of football, movies, Gallerist, Terraforming Mars, Santorini, Love Letter Premium, Werewolf, Tramways

  •   00:13:44 Bloody Minute

00:36:24 News and Kickstarter Round-Up!

00:47:43 MHGG Review Double Feature - Race and Roll for the Galaxy

01:24:17 MHGG Discuss - Should you own both Race and Roll for the Galaxy?

01:31:37 Emails, Contact, and Episode Wrap-Up

Episode: Why Development Work Is So Important with JR Honeycutt ( 16.02 MB / 22:37)
JR Honeycutt, developer of SeaFall, goes into all the ins and outs of what game development is, why it’s important, and how you can become a developer. People often don’t understand the difference between a designer and a developer. JR sorts out the difference and goes into the value of having a developer work on...
Podcast: Meeple Nation
Episode: MN 0147 Clank! ( 24.29 MB / 30:20)

Strap on your armor and get ready to make your way into the deeps beneath the castle. Rumors abound that a sleepy dragon is hoarding artifacts. Can you gain the best treasure and make it out of the dungeon before the dragon wipes you out? Be very quiet!

Nathan, Ryan and Brent review Clank!, a deckbuilder with a map.

Episode: Limited Resources 372 - Aether Revolt Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare ( 51.36 MB / 112:08)

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis go over every rare and mythic rare in Aether Revolt. What's the biggest bomb in the set? Find out here! 

Limited Resources is proudly sponsored by ChannelFireball.com

You can support Limited Resources on the LR Patreon page here: LR Patreon Page

Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

Marshall’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Marshall_LR

Luis’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/lsv

Email: lr@lrcast.com

LR Community Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/lrcast

Contact Marshall_LR on Magic Online if you’d like to join the Limited Resources clan.

Episode: Episode 69 dudes! 2016 Filler of the Year/Game of the Year ( 9.69 MB / 21:10)
Jason and Green Couch Games designers share their picks for 2016 Filler of the Year and Game of the Year!
Episode: Episodio 38 - Sobreproducción - Star Wars Destiny - Baseball Highlights 2045 ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Episodio 38 del podcast donde Meepelchef y yo hablamos sobre el problema que supone la manía de la sopreproducción actual de los juegos de mesa. Tras eso comentamos qué nos han parecido Star Wars Destiny y Baseball Highlights 2045

Episode: Longer Contests at The Game Crafter - Episode 106 ( 13.16 MB / 28:43)







Are you stressed out about contest deadlines? Do you wish The Game Crafter would have longer deadlines on some contests?


JT and Jeff discuss that very topic for episode 106's sweet, sweet listener request!








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Episode: Episode 127: DOOM, Runebound and The Gamers Dictionary: Elegance ( 107.72 MB / 172:46)
Alright Alright alright! The day has come for another Secret Cabal Episode! In today's show the gang takes a look at FFG's new tactical combat game, DOOM. Then they take a look back at another FFG game from one year ago, Runebound Third Edition. Then, get ready Cabalists becasue the Founders are going to have a disagreement on the proper way to define the word elegance in regards to a board game.
Episode: The Good The Board and The F Word: Episode 99 “Fun” ( 70.82 MB / 83:02)

Trent - The Colonists

Joe- Perdition’s Abyssal Metal Riff

Andy-Paris Connection


Episode 99 The F Word



Andy- Playing 18XX Online

Trent - Civilization

Joe- Masmorra Dungeons of Arcadia

Episode: Greg Spence from The Broken Token - Boards & Swords #72 ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Holidays can suck when you run an interview show, but after a long break, I have another great interview for you guys - this time I sit down with Greg from The Broken Token.  This is a company that makes wonderful inserts for board games, so enjoy as we find out what it means to create these products.

This podcast is an Obsessive Comics Disorder production - visit ocdcast.com for more great videos and podcasts, such as the Dirtbags of Holding, where my friends and I try out various roleplaying games.

You can find the show on twitter @Boardsandswords, or follow me @ChrisTheProf.  On Facebook I'm at Facebook.com/ocdcast or on Instagram I’m ChrisTheProf.  You can also send me an email at feedback@boardsandswords.com. 

This podcast is also a part of the Dice Tower Network.  For other great board gaming shows, check out dicetowernetwork.com.  Also, thanks to CoolStuffInc for sponsoring the dice tower network.  If you are looking to pick up some great deals on games, check out coolstuffinc.com.

Episode: Wis, January 2017: Magic Item Economy ( 39.83 MB / 38:28)

This week's hosts: Liam, Cathal, Ian, and Stu.

This week, the party discuss magic item economies.

00:40 - This is one of our main sources of content. And that's a secret between you and me, internet.
01:24 - Liam's take on D&D 5th Edition. - http://dnd.wizards.com/
03:40 - Cathal's alternate take on D&D.
08:40 - Tilt your loot towards your player's strengths.
09:44 - Don't stop to develop your character, the whole world is gonna end if you don't punch out this next boss!
10:20 - A flexible rulesystem. Let the GM handle the problems!
13:30 - Maybe the problems were with the campaign, rather than the system?
14:08 - Good, because I was about to retitle this episode "Magic Item Economy in 5th ed."
17:05 - Stu disagrees with tailoring loot to the party needs.
18:40 - Craft your own magic items!
22:40 - Exalted! - https://rpggeek.com/rpg/405/exalted-1st-edition
24:10 - Magic items as contraband. (Like rare tech in sci-fi games?)
24:37 - Even when speaking about Exalted, Liam still has Dungeons & Dragons on the brain.
25:50 - Shadowrun! - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadowrun
26:30 - Also weapons as contraband.
31:50 - Magic items with purpose. As opposed to Magic Items as a second source of experience and stat boosting.
32:55 - Traveller - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traveller_(role-playing_game)
33:40 - Heavy Gear - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_Gear
35:10 - Change your perspective.

Episode: GeekNights 20170117 - Fuji Flush and Foppen ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review two Friedemann Friese games we played at MAGFest: Fuji Flush and Foppen. Fun fact: Fuji Flush fixes Doppelt und Dreifach! MAGFest was great, as always! In the news, Nintendo Switch comes, AGDQ came, AGDQ's (correct) banning of Trump Hat Guy, boot disks return with Windows Game Mode, and the most toxic League of Legends player in the world.

We'll be live at PAX South on Friday afternoon with Grind Mechanics in Games!

Podcast: BOTH DOWN
Episode: Both Down #64 – Cheap Thrills ( 127.04 MB / 138:45)
Both Down Episode 64 – Cheap Thrills – Well here we are like a new born baby a tad bit past our due date but you are still happy to see us. In this episode we talk about the New … Continue reading →
Episode: 066 Magical Athlete, Conan, Camel Up ( 51.15 MB / 63:51)
We talk about a new game idea that involves betting on warriors fighting in an arena. Alan elevator pitches a game and we are joined by Stephen Avery(Ta-Da!, Nothing Personal)!
Episode: PSP #335: The Great Passage is the Best Anime of 2016 I Didn't Watch in 2016 ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Today's show was supposed to be part 2 of the big fat juicy, scrumdiddlyumptious winter 2017 anime preview, but then Marc started watching The Great Passage and proceeded to finish it on the same day, today, because it's kind of, well, great. Anyway, if you want to hear all about an amazing anime centered around putting a new dictionary together (and the annoyances that kept Marc from watching it when it aired during the fall 2016 season), this episode has your name written all over it. Cheers and enjoy the show. | Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/PXS | Buy some art: pxsart.com

The Talking Points:

  • Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)
  • Amazon's Anime Strike streaming subscription


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Episode: Work In Progress - Brad Talton Jnr - Level 99 Games ( 47.55 MB / 69:14)

Richard is delighted to be joined by Brad Talton Jnr, who runs Level 99 Games and has brought such delights  to the table such as Battlecon and Pixel Tactics.

We talk about how Brad got into the hobby before dicussing more about Pixel Tactics, Battlecon and others in the Level99 Games back catalogue and chatting about Seventh Cross, which will come to Kickstarter in the Autumn.

Brad also helps answer Niki’s (Lost Panda’s) Battlecon Questions and we talk dining room boardgame etiquette. 

Richard does an awful Fight Intro soundbite as well. 

We were honoured to have him as a guest and hope you enjoy the episode.

Links of Note

www.level99games.com Level99Games Website

https://twitter.com/level99games Level99Games Twitter


Like what you hear? Then please suppo [...]

Episode: Sweet Kicks with Bricks 116: Sub Terra ( 14.56 MB / 15:54)

On this episode of Sweet Kicks with Bricks, Barry talks with Peter about the Kickstarter, Sub Terra. Go Back Sub Terra NOW! Website Facebook Twitter Don’t forget to follow Sweet Kicks with Bricks on Twitter and Facebook. Also Barry for any … Continue reading →

The post Sweet Kicks with Bricks 116: Sub Terra appeared first on Sweet Kicks with Bricks.

Episode: HLG 14: Scythe & Wesley Fechter ( 48.95 MB / 62:42)

Aflevering 14 "Scythe & Wesley Fechter" van Het Ludieke Gezelschap, dé Nederlandse bordspel podcast. Een nieuw jaar, een nieuw begin en een tweede jaargang van onze podcast. Deze keer duiken we dieper in het veel geroemde Scythe en lukt het Rinke om iets over het wereldrecord Ganzenborden te vertellen. We spreken ook met Wesley Fechter; spelvertaler en één van de personen achter Ameritrash.nl.     

00:00 Intro / 00:36 Welkom (AIVD Kerstpuzzel) / 01:41 Op de zeepkist: Wereldrecord Ganzenborden, Melita koffiefilters, bordspeldagen (Hilversumse Spellendag, Imperium in Den Bosch, Goudse Spellendag) / 10:20 Het interview: Wesley Fechter (vertaler van spelregels en recensent op Ameritrash.nl) / 28:19 Onder de loupe: Scythe (Stonemaier Games) / 53:52 Spellennieuws: Kingdom Death - Monster 1.5, Kamasutra van Bruno Faidutti en David Cochard, Fabelfruit (White Goblin), reacties van luisteraars (Alexander Gonnissen en Marco) / 61:25 Afsluiting / 61:53 Outro / 62:20 Bloopers

Meer details op onze Facebook pagina:
Reageren? Mail ons op hetludiekegezelschap@gmail.com

Episode: 59 - Android Universe (Netrunner) Board Games - Mainframe and New Angeles ( 170.68 MB / 74:34)
We're back for another Board Talk episode! Netrunner has made us fall in love with the cyberpunk world of Android, so what are the board game tie-ins like? We take a look at New Angeles and Android: Mainframe. www.criticaltwits.com www.soundcloud.com/criticaltwits www.facebook.com/criticaltwits www.twitter.com/critical_twits www.youtube.com/c/criticaltwits
Episode: News of the North - 2017-01-17 ( 18.7 MB / 27:14)

Hello geeks,

Welcome to the January 17thth, 2017 edition of News of the North. Here’s our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world.

[Blacksmith Miniatures] Grandpa
[Slave2Gaming] Battle of Teddysburg
[Tor Gaming] Relics - New C’thu releases
[Mindwork Games] Sarah Fortune on pre-order, and new online store
[CMON] Dark Age Games - January Releases
[CMON] Wrath of Kings January releases

Episode: RDTN Episode 110: Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea, Raise Your Goblets, Survey and 2017 Predictions ( 78.97 MB / 86:10)
Gamelyn Games has been killing it with all their Tiny Epic series, but they are expanding into the next realm with their newest Kickstarter Heroes of Land, Air and Sea. […]    Related Stories 
Podcast: The Dice Tower
Episode: TDT # 491 - Looking back at 2007 ( 73.34 MB / 80:07)

In this show, we talk about Vikings Gone Wild, Dicemasters, Santorini, Jorvik, X Nimmt, and the Mysterium app.  We answer several questions, hear a tale of sadness, and end the show with our favorite games from ten years ago - 2007!

Join our fundraiser here!  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dice-tower-season-13-podcast


Episode: TGT 022: Collectable Card Games ( 52.94 MB / 65:26)
In this episode we talk about Collectable Card Games – Mainly Magic the Gathering and Pokemon, but a splash of Yu-Gi-Oh as well.  But before we get to that we have a couple long listener feedback.  Oh and an announcement that you can only hear about from listening to the podcast.  Enjoy!
Podcast: NPC Cast
Podcast: NPC Cast
Episode: Haberdashers – Campaign Crucible ( 34.83 MB / 0:00)
Download “Haberdashers – Campaign Crucible” Del and Chris combine some ingredients for another Campaign Crucible! (50min) Things you may be interested in: OrcaCon Baseball Prospectus The Last Garden Contest! NPC CAST: YOUR PLACE FOR FACE TO FACE GAMES.  
Episode: 2016 Year In Review ( 0 MB / 18:43)
We Review Ourselves and how we did in 2016!
Episode: Top 10 BGG Games 2017 ( 0 MB / 19:25)
We take a look at the Top 10 BGG games at the beginning of 2017
Episode: Patreon? ( 0 MB / 6:14)
Support SHoR by joining the Council of SHoR!
Episode: The Thirsty Gamers Podcast - Episode 26 Most Anticipated Games of 2017, Nintendo Switch Thoughts, & More! ( 0 MB / 66:08)
We start out the episode by showing our excitement for the Nintendo Switch! Star Wars Destiny set to release their first booster expansion called Spirit of the Rebellion. Monopoly is running a vote right now to see what the next pawns will be in the latest version on the game. Terraforming Mars is getting 4 expansions in the next 2 years! Also, we finally talk about our most anticipated games of 2017. Follow us on Twitter and ask us questions or comment on the show @thirstygamers_
Episode: 33 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Best of 2016 ( 25.57 MB / 37:14)

Welcome to the first show of 2017! We did a lot of gaming over the holiday season. What were your favorite games of 2016? What we have been doing: Went to Worcester Gamer Group Yankee Swap. Fun to play games with different people, and got Zany Penguins. Played Guillotine and Lanterns. Rhino Hero with the kids. Mmm! and New York

The post 33 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Best of 2016 appeared first on The Family Gamers.

Podcast: Munchkin Land
Episode: Munchkin Land #208: Storage and Hugo's Amazing Tape ( 7.01 MB / 9:50)

This week, we answer the age old question, "Where do I store all this stuff!?"

Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers Patron at Patreon.com/MajorSpoilers. It will help ensure Munchkin Land continues far into the future!

Contact us at podcast@majorspoilers.com


Amazing Tape-Hugo's Amazing Tape. The most versatile durable and strongest holding tape in the world! Grips and holds without adhesive. Perfect for home office factory schools medical libraries travel sports moving and more! This package contains one 50 foot roll of 1 inch wide tape. Made in USA.

Episode: I Can Deal #030: Gaming Frustrations ( 54.48 MB / 79:20)
Time to kick off Season Two of I Can Deal! What a better way to start things off than talking about things that frustrates us with board games. What frustrates you with board games? Let us know @NTBoardGames!
Episode: Skulls and Ones- A Blood Bowl Podcast #25 ( 78.12 MB / 113:47)

In this episode, English Chris joins Jeremiah and Nate to discuss the new rules! Doombeard Dave discusses Piling On and Nate Beem, the NAF Tournament Director, discusses what the NAF changed and why they did it. We also wrap up the V for Vendetta Tournament, do a FUMBBL review with English Chris, discuss Jeremiah and Nate's 1-minute turn league game, and talk about Amorical Cup and our website, skullsandones.com. Lay back, relax and enjoy the show! Unless you're in a car. Then maybe not lay back so much.

Podcast: Días de Juego
Episode: DdJ Magazine 011. Simulando empanadas ( 129.7 MB / 0:00)
Hola a todos. Si os gusta Días de Juego, apoyadnos en Patreon. http://patreon.com/diasdejuego Pincha aquí para descargar el programa. CONTENIDO DEL PROGRAMA Programa 11, 16 de Enero de 2017 [00:00:15] Presentación. [00:02:12] Comentarios de los oyentes y seguimiento de temas anteriores. [00:06:36] En “Hablar por Jugar” comento novedades para nuestros mecenas y reflexiono sobre si hemos […]
Episode: Episode #44 – ButtonShy Wallet Series, 2017 Quarter 1 ( 46.88 MB / 45:16)
What happens when you get not only one, not two, but three game designers on the show at once? Mass hysteria! In today’s episode, we speak with Rob Cramer, John du Bois, and Mitchell Shipman, three game designers from ButtonShy games, and the designers of Turbo Drift, Avignon: Pilgrimage, and Find Your Seats, respectively. DuringRead more →
Episode: Make It All "Glowy" ( 27.3 MB / 29:33)

Owner of I'm Board Games & Family Fun and game designer Bryan Winter joins Scott Bogen and Keith Matejka for episode 33. We discuss what's driving business at your neighborhood game store and share our thoughts on deck building games with an emphasis on the awesome new Star Wars Destiny collectible card (and dice) game. All this and more. Let's begin now, shall we?

Podcast: 21 Game Salute
Episode: Life and Times of a Board Game - Episode 13 - 2017: A New Frontier ( 59.66 MB / 65:11)

Michael and Dann return, now with our new co-host Chris! As tradition dictates, the new year brings thoughts of the future, and the guys run through some of the exciting new releases you can expect to see from Game Salute in 2017. There's also the usual giveaway and talk of a town built entirely around Chess...


Thanks for listening!

Episode: #38 – Games, Booze and the Art of… ( 73.83 MB / 0:00)
Ty, Josh, and Troy are in the BoD studio to kick off 2017 with a look at how and why various game mechanics make their favorite games their favorites. We are happy to be sponsored by Anvil Eight Games creators of the tabletop miniatures board game Aetherium and the new card game Front Line: NO KOMRADES. Download here or […]
Episode: Crippled System Episode 186: Theme Forces? ( 56.91 MB / 82:53)
Brian writes “Stuff, Kill me” Intro Announcement Themes/ Bad movies Football Sherlock Elementary ZG Comics Recommendations Hosts: Andy W, Nathan H, Brian G, Dan W Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow @CrippledSystem
Podcast: cubelovepodcast
Episode: clp048 – 2016 Plays and the Best Older Games We Played ( 68.08 MB / 0:00)
The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire. – Richard M Nixon 0:00:00 Please Listen Carefully 0:02:04 Foreplay, Forged in Steel First Thoughts 0:28:45 2016 Plays, The Best Day In Gaming In 2016, Designers of the Year, The Best Games Published Before 2016 That We Played For The First Time In 2016, Fives And Dimes 2:04:12 Dessert … Continue reading clp048 – 2016 Plays and the Best Older Games We Played
Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 229: Where We're Going, We Don't Need Boards ( 48.48 MB / 52:58)
In this episode, Isaac talks to Amber Cook, manager of Asmodess Digital, about what they've played lately.     (31:24) Then, Isaac and Amber discuss digital and the tabletop and where things are going.   Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/

Patreon account: http://www.patreon.com/obg
Twitter: @onboardgames
RSS Feed: http://onboardgames.libsyn.com/rss
Email us: onboardgames.net@gmail.com
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Episode: 2d4g 27 2k16 GOOY Edition ( 41.79 MB / 48:22)

Too Dumb for Games has existed for one whole year, so we're commemorating our lil b-day with a Games of Our Year edition! 

We take a trip down memory lane to look at the squalling, red-faced infant that was our podcast, and Travis, Nick, Jaccob, and Paul pick out their favorite games that we played for the podcast in 2016. We decided we'd extol the virtues of Mansions of Madness 2e, Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk, Fast and the Furious: Full Throttle, and Cosmic Encounter.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toodumbforgames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2dumb4games
pisodes: http://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/toodumbforgames

Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Ep. 126 - It Takes a Village ( 91.62 MB / 99:33)

This episode the Dukes ... 

... Discuss recent plays of First Class, Fuse, Kanagawa, Oceanos, Avenue and Elysium (7:00);

... Discuss the latest gaming news, including the new expansion for Star Wars Destiny, the Spirit of Rebellion, the release of Shiba Inu House from Renegade Games Studios and the Indiegogo campaign for the Dice Tower Season 13 (27:49);

... Review Daily Magic Games' Villages of Valeria (40:08);

... Look back at their review of Dungeon Petz in their Dukes' Double-Take (1:08:23); and

... Discuss shared universes in board games (1:35:45).


Please be sure to support the Dukes on their Patreon campaign page!


Twitter: @dukesofdice
Facebook: /dukesofdice
Dukes of Dice YouTube Channel
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Thanks to our awesome sponsors - please give them a visit

Arcane Wonders


Tasty Minstrel Games 


Episode: ET114: Posadero! Un vino que no estoy muy Scythed ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Tertulia inicial, de tablets y tableros virtuales a cargo de @XCarrascosa, @Igael y un servidor.

Luego los juegos de la semana, Scythe, Fleet y No Thanks!.

La vuelta al tablero (chistaco!) de @Celacanto con una sección sobre una Posada Infernal.

Para acabar una serie de televisión con spoilers, Westworld


Podcast: Dice Tower News
Episode: Dice Tower News 554 - Jan 16th - 2016 ( 7.57 MB / 9:11)

On this episode: Board Game News!

Episode: Raise Your Goblets Review ( 102.88 MB / 0:00)
Raise Your Goblets Review
Episode: Board Game Of The Year: Part Two ( 21.7 MB / 189:34)

Board games have become an increasingly massive part of our lives here at GFG and so we felt it was only right to give them the full Game of the Year treatment too!

Join us as we discuss categories such as

Best Weird Japanese Thing

Kickstarter Game Of The Year

and of course our overall Board Game Of The Year. 

Episode: Ben Exposits - The Purpose ( 8.76 MB / 9:24)

In this week's slice, Ben makes with the speaky-speaky using the wordsy-smordsy and asks himself: what is the point of gaming? 

Talk to us: Twitter (Ben) | Twitter (Georgios)
Tell us what you think: E-Mail | Website | BGG
Like us here: Boardgamelinks | Facebook | Instagram
Find us here: Stitcher | iTunes

Podcast: Draft Mechanic
Episode: #37: Santorini review; Evolution: Climate on tap; Unlock! First Impressions ( 105.39 MB / 76:45)

Draft Mechanic Episode 37: Santorini six-pack review; Evolution: Climate on tap; Unlock!

Welcome back to another episode! The following events take place between 11:00am and 12:00pm (or at least they did when we recorded). There’s an abnormal amount of real-time games in today’s episode (two) as we talk about the Unlock! demo kit and FUSE. We’ve got a few other neat recent plays to talk about too: Favor of the Pharaoh for rolling fistfuls of dice, and Ascending Empires for flicking discs throughout space. Our big feature today is the just released (or upcoming) Santorini from Roxley games. Abstract strategy, but dripping with theme? Say no more! Well, we’ll say some more - that’s the reason you’re listening to us in the first place! We’re rounding out this episode by putting Evolution Climate on tap with five great thematic craft beer pairings. So sit back, relax, grab a pint and enjoy the show!


01:00 Show Housekeeping

02:58 Upcoming: First Martians

08:54 Kickstarter: Save Crash Games!

11:16 IndieGoGo: The Dice Tower, Season 13

12:07 First Impressions: Unlock! (Demo kit)

20:00 Recent Plays: Fuse

26:32 Recent Plays: Favor of the Pharaoh

31:20 Recent Plays: Ascending Empires

37:09 Six Pack Review: Santorini

38:01 Santorini: Rules Walkthrough

40:01 Santorini: Discussion

55:59 Santorini: Final Thoughts

58:25 On Tap: Evolution Climate

68:32 The Magic Beer Portal

75:20 Outro

We hope you enjoyed today's episode! Send us some feedback at draftmechanic@gmail.com and visit us on the web at draftmechanic.net!

Join us at the local, our BGG Guild (#2470)!

We’re also on Twitter and Instagram - follow us at @draftmechanic! Also, Like us on Facebook!

Our theme music is “Superpower of Choice” by the Liberation Jumpsuit - thanks to Drew and Jeff for making it happen!

Thanks for listening! Please game responsibly and we’ll see you back here again soon for another round!


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