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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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Aug 28, 2012
curseofset.pdf (5.46 MB) (Log in or Register to download.)
42 new cards, fully illustrated and playtested. Introduces the Walid Set (wyrm) and the Bubasti (Gaia) as fully playable factions. Also includes multiple rogue characters that can be in EITHER Gaia or Wyrm packs


Long ago, in the time of the pharaohs, Garou and Fera made war upon the vampires that infested Egypt. The war raged on and on until the dark god Set laid a curse upon the Silent Striders, driving them out of Egypt. No Silent Strider could sleep within the bounds of Egypt without suffering terrible nightmares. They were driven from their homeland, forced to become wanderers, always longing for home but never able to return.

The vampires turned then to the Fera. The Bubasti could not leave their homeland due to a mystic connection with the land, so suffered an even worse fate than the Silent Striders. The vampires captured the kinfolk of the Bubasti and made them their slaves. Those they could not capture, they killed. The Bubasti were left to slowly waste away, cut off from their feline kin… or to mate with the now Wyrm tainted kin and slowly be corrupted from within.

Now the Apocalypse approaches. Set’s childer wake from their slumber and raise cults to praise the Dark God. The Striders see nightmares even when awake, so return to retake their homeland. The Bubasti see the rise of Hellcats and make a last ditch effort to keep from joining them in the belly of the Wyrm.

Will the first battle of the Apocalypse take place in Egypt? Or will the Garou and fera be able to work together to stave off their ancient foes just a little longer?

You decide!


Filip Cerovecki
Blood of Cahlash
Hippopotamus Ghoul
Meat Pudding
Shroud of Night
Filip is a Croatian artist working in real media. He is a big fan of Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

Chris Goodwin
Paneb Scholar of the 12 Hours
Chris Goodwin is an art instructor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. he has provided scientific illustrations for textbooks and illustrated the Ironclaw RPG

Wes Jones
Brooding Mother
The Descending Aerie
Wes is a digital artist. Prints of this and pieces from previous Rage sets are available through his website. Includes t-shirts! He is available for commissions.

Bastiaan Rours
Akbar Ibn-Mehmmet
Kahina the Sorceress
Maria Caliper
Sashet Davis
Sequenenre ibn-Ibrahim
Bastiaan is a Dutch artist with a history of drawing comics. He is a dedicated Rage player, playtester and currently writing the Ahadi Block fanset storyline.
Amanda Johnson
Abnatha the Laughing One
Deadly Welcome
Truthspeaker Stick
Sept of the Etesian Wind
Amanda is a California based Rage fan. She is working on an art degree, focusing on costuming

Rodrigo Rodríguez Tendero
Lung Burst
Rodrigo is a digital artist from spain who also works in film doing storyboards and animation.

For the Common Good
Classy-Dame is a digital artist specializing in commissioned work of a ‘spicy” nature

Christiee Anne Hochstine (Squeakychewtoy)
Quari Filth
Covert Operative
Christiee ina New York based artist specializing in monsters and transformations.

Madalina Mocanu
Babel’s Curse
Madalina is a British artist that uses typography in many of her pieces, You can purchase a print of this work from her website.

Jenny Helleiner
This image is available as a bookmark through the artist’s website. She is also open for commissions.

Pedro Luis Palencia
Tongue of the Serpent
Pedro is a Spanish artist producing surreal photomanipulations.

Cara Mitten
Desperate Struggles
Cara has also worked on Magic: the Gathering and for Dragon Magazine. She adores hyenas, so Ajaba fans, be sure to check here out.

Ursula Vernon
Wanderlust Spirit
Ursula Vernon has received a Hugo nomination for her writing. Fame has in no way deterred her from continuing to paint two headed bird skeletons, penguins on camels, or wombat beefcake.

Evgeny Hontor
Evgeny is a Russian artist who works in both digital and real media, including sculpture.

Siroc is a digital artist that primarily does commissioned artwork.

Laurence Viollet
Asked about his work, he had this to say: “I like to imagine things and I try my best to convey those things through drawing. Sometimes it works.”

Jonathan Duncan
Jonathan is a digital artist from Ohio. He is currently working on a series of classical mythological figures reimagined for a new era.

James Juron
Corrupt Official
James Juron is a painter working in upstate New York. He has an upcoming solo show at Galerie Luz in Montreal, Canada. July 26th-August 18th 2012.

Ira Martin
Skin of the Adder
Odyssey Brain Serum
E-mail: I.Martins.Art AT
Ira has a degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Sculpture. He enjoys creating things that have never existed. He’s also always looking for work. Prints of his Paintings for the Rage CCG “War Council” & “Hellcats” are available.

Meredith Bain
Touch of Death
Meredith has a degree in Fine Arts. She works in many mediums and will tackle commissions for whomever might want work done. Prints of her Pastels for Rage CCG “Hellcats” are available. Contact- MBains.Art AT

Daniel Bristow-Bailey
Sniper Fire
Daniel is a British illustrator focused on commercial illustration and providing a clear identity for various brands

Liz Chesterman
Temple of Set
Liz specializes in digital art, though also works in marker. She especially enjoys drawing villains, the more villainous, the better!

Pseudomanitou has produced numerous event posters, album covers, and t-shirts.

H.C. O’Neill
Psammeticus, Childe of Taimhotep
Dream Court Guardian
Relshab the Faceless Eater
H.C.O. also colored the work of Bastiaan Rours and Amanda Johnson in this set and did the layouts.
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