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Marvel Heroic Roleplaying:: Dice Pool Creation Tool By: skalchemist
Dice Pool Creation Tool.pdf (16 KB)
A little handout that can help new players create their dice pools in Marvel Heroic. Have them physically put one die on each box.

NOTE: I've noticed a slight error in the sheet. At the moment it talks about CREATING a Resource during an Action Scene, but does not address adding a Resource die that has already been created in a Transition Scene or earlier in an Action Scene (e.g. it does not cost a PP). I will correct as soon as possible.
May 14, 2018

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Marvel Heroic Roleplaying:: Marvel Heroic RPG Plot Points By: MarkMeredith11
PlotPoints.jpg (2.66 MB)
Print these off and hand out to players for plot points! Enjoy!
Mar 5, 2012