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Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game:: Iron Kingdoms RPG Random Name Generator By: boardgamebasecoats
IK RPG Name Generator.xlsx (53 KB)

This is an Excel file that can randomly generate names appropriate to various races in Immoren, including humans (Cygnaran, Khadoran, Llaelese, Ordic, and Protectorate), dwarves, elves, goblins, ogrun, and trollkin. All names come from the Out-Of-Print "Iron Kingdoms Character Guide, Full-Metal Fantasy, Volume 1", but should still be valid with the current version. Alternatively, can be fun for any system.

Note that the 4-part, goblin names include ONE translation for each of those parts for the sake of "feels", with the understanding that all 4 parts are actually one name.

Also note that Llael names may or may not generate "locatives" (those that do have them would be longstanding families or those steeped in tradition). But feel free to add or drop these as you see fit - as my generator errs on the side of HAVING the locatives.

To generate names, just push "F9" ("Fn + F9 on some computers) on the first page of the open file. The file can be edited to include other names. But you may have to tinker with the formulas.

Thank you
Jan 13, 2022