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Paranoia 25th Anniversary:: 25th Anniversary Edition Character Sheet By: nodskou
Paranoia Sheet.pdf (465 KB)
My personal shot at a character sheet tailored for Paranoia 25th Anniversary Edition.
Jun 9, 2013

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Paranoia 25th Anniversary:: Paranoia Fate Character Sheet By: ThompsonWolfa
paranoia_fate_character_sheet.pdf (458 KB)
The Computer has created an alternative character sheet to be used with the Fate system for those less briefed troubleshooters (but more eagerly to serve the Computer).
Jun 26, 2012

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Paranoia 25th Anniversary:: Character Sheet By: plpompey
Character (10 KB)
Word format character sheet that you can easily edit.
Works great if all the players have laptops to view their sheets, for that authentic "reporting to The Computer" feel.
Aug 27, 2009