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Fate Core:: Scions of Fate By: edige23
Scions of Fate v2.pdf (1.05 MB)
Updated and expanded version of an adaptation of FATE for use with White Wolf's Scion setting. This makes several changes to the character creation, adds new purviews, and offers details on GMing. Requires at least Scion: Hero and a version of FATE to play. 64 pages, trade size.
May 10, 2012
A homebrew hack using the FATE mechanics to simulate the Scion rpg. requires some knowledge of both FATE and Scion. Fairly complete and playable. 48 pages in booklet form; ToC at the end.

Specifics for some of the pantheon purviews (since my players didn't take those). No listing for Divine parents and their associated elements (GMs can easily figure this based on their group's picks). No example enemies or opponents.
Apr 29, 2012

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Fate Core:: Scions of Fate Character Sheet By: edige23
CS Scion.pdf (141 KB)
Character sheet for use with the Scions of Fate homebrew rules.
May 2, 2012