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Fudge:: Marvelous Superheroes Spreadsheet By: Munkwunk
Marvelous (76 KB)
Updated v1.1 to include additional functionality. Now uses Excel 2007/2010 ".xlsx" format.
Nov 20, 2012
Marvelous Spreadsheet.xls (510 KB)
This is a character generation spreadsheet for use with the Marvelous Superheroes Fudge setting written by Eddy Webb. I am not affiliated with Eddy Webb in any way, but I really enjoyed the Marvelous Superheroes setting he developed so I designed this spreadsheet to use with my own games.

The spreadsheet was written in MS Excel 2003 but is tested and functional in 3.2.
Jan 15, 2011

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Fudge:: Big Brother Game By: jlcsusara
Big Brother Game.doc (58 KB)
A Fudge RPG based "Reality TV" adventure with a deadly twist!
Nov 1, 2010

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Fudge:: Dino Night by Matt Helms (A Fudge RPG Adventure) By: jlcsusara
Dino Night.rtf (7 KB)
In Dino Night, characters are trapped in a mall by dinosaurs and other threats from Earth's distant past. Can the characters manage to survive the night? Dino Night is intended as a one-shot adventure, but can be used as a campaign introduction as noted at the end.
May 31, 2010

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Fudge:: Marvelous Superheroes by Eddy Webb (Version 0.2) By: jlcsusara
Marvelous (366 KB)
From the author:

I have always loved the Marvel Super Heroes game from TSR, and over the years I have often considered it to be a good superhero game for my style of gaming. However, while many of the mechanics have held up as a decent RPG-light system, there are weird sub-rules and needlessly complex systems built into the game that are just too quirky for my tastes nowadays. Meanwhile, I’ve been familiar with Fudge for a decade now and liked the idea of it, but it also had some weirdly complex areas that seemed unnecessary and kept me from really trying out the system. A couple of years back, a public domain game called 4C was released. It was a more streamlined version of my favorite superhero system, but it went in a different direction, focusing more on the numbers than the words which made Marvel Super Heroes so cool to me.

One day, in thinking over some house rules for a new superhero campaign I wanted to run, I considered converting 4C and Fudge into a new game close to Marvel Super Heroes, so I would have more flexibility in terms of rules hacking down the road. I found a great article by Steve Kenson on the “Superlative System,” which was his start on a conversion attempt between Marvel and Fudge, and that started me on the road to what eventually became Marvelous Superheroes.

This document is rewritten from the Fudge and 4C SRD documents for use in my personal games. I do provide a simple conversion page to go from Marvel Super Heroes to Marvelous Superheroes, but it isn’t intended as a challenge to anyone’s intellectual property. Right now, this is just a fun system that I hope will finally hit my sweet spot of superhero gaming.
May 29, 2010