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Genesys:: Wizarding World Character Sheet (Genesys) By: Stinger8414
WizardingWorldcharacterSHEETS.pdf (1.27 MB)
After running a Wizarding World (J.K. Rowling) tabletop RPG game using the Genesys rule-set, I am posting these character sheets for others to use. I created a condensed 1 page sheet in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Aug 24, 2020

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Genesys:: Genesys RPG adversary tracking sheet By: achates
GENESYS-adversary-sheet.pdf (148 KB)
Aid for tracking minion and rival stats, skills, wounds and abilities during play.
Mar 2, 2020

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Genesys:: Genesys RPG compact character sheet - blank skills By: achates
genesys_character_sheet.pdf (2.47 MB)
Single-page A4 character sheet (or fold-over A5) for the Genesys RPG. Blank skills version.
v. 1.0
Mar 2, 2020