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Traveller (Mongoose):: Map Blanks at different scales By: DanDare2050
Traveller Galaxy Map (827 KB)
Map blanks at different scales for Galactic Campaigns.

Sub Sector: 8 x 10 parsecs, the standard Traveller sub sector map.
Sector:4 x 4 sub sectors, 32 x 40 parsecs.
Grand Sector: 10 x 10 sectors, 320 x 400 parsecs.
Galaxy Schematic: showing the main features of the Milky Way galaxy with a grand sector grid.

slightly improved galaxy scale mapRPG: Traveller (Mongoose) in the images
Dec 6, 2016

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Traveller (Mongoose):: Traveller Ship Design Worksheet By: dumwytgi
Traveller Ship Worksheet.doc (121 KB)
A handy worksheet in MS Word format to help you keep track of all that goes into designing a ship in (Mongoose Edition) Traveller.
Oct 4, 2009