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Shadowrun (3rd Edition):: Shadowrun Third Edition Optimised Character and GM Record Sheets By: Obletus_Grix
Shadowrun Third Edition Optimised Sheets RPGGEEK (1.79 MB)
I made these for an up and coming campaign of Shadowrun Third Edition. Includes:
-Third Edition Character Sheet
-Ranged Weapon Sheet with ammo count (and space for a picture)
-Spare Ammo Sheet (2up)
-Melee Weapons Sheet (with space for pictures)
-Vehicle Sheet (2up)
-Remote Control Deck and Network Sheet
-Condition Monitors (player characters, 2up)
-Spirit Sheet
-Magic Sheet
-Cyberdeck Sheet
-Carry and Stash Sheet
-GM Non Player Character Sheet
-GM Condition Monitor Sheet (encounter sheet)
-GM Matrix Host Sheet
-GM Story Overview Prep Sheet
-GM Story Scene By Scene Prep Sheet
-GM Contact Sheet (2up)
-Contact Cards (with space for a pic - pays to keep your rolodex up to date, omae)

Also includes the Heat and Profile house rules and Party Record Sheet (which can be found separately also)

Intended for use in a (preferably 4) ring binder, all 2up sheets can be hole punched and then cut in half. Ammo sheets have 5 columns so can be gridded up as fits the ammo cap of the weapon.

For pictures of weapons and contacts, I recommend printing them out on sheets of a4 adhesive labels (make sure you buy the ones that are full a4, not segmented, and suitable for your type of printer) so that players can cut and stick them on the sheets.

The GM Sheets were designed so that self-written adventures maintain some coherency. They haven't been playtested yet, please leave any feedback in the comments!

The condition monitor sheet is offset by 5mm to the right so may end up outside printer margins, however you can workaround this in Foxit or Acrobat when you go to print (if it is a problem)

Inspired by Wordman's SRSheets, Shadowrun Font downloaded from Wordman's Shadowrun Site.
Apr 6, 2016

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Shadowrun (3rd Edition):: Shadowrun Third Edition - Party Record Sheet and Heat rules By: Obletus_Grix
Shadowrun Optimised GM Party Record Sheet + Heat Rules.pdf (921 KB)
A party record sheet (4 players) that I created for my upcoming Shadowrun campaign. I needed a way to record events that go on behind the scenes and also the level of unwanted attention that careless Runners could attract. Intended for third edition (though could be used for other editions) this is inspired by the party record sheet for Dark Heresy second edition. Includes an events diary (print multiple) to help GM's keep track of actions that occur in the background, a player briefing to enhance player paranoia, and a page of loose guidelines for the GM. Shadowrun font downloaded from Wordman's Shadowrun Page.
Apr 5, 2016

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Shadowrun (3rd Edition):: SR3 Decker Rig Sheet By: Roy Batty
SR DECKER deck sheet.docx (29 KB)
Print as double sided. A helpful decker player-aid. Pls feel free to suggest additions or improvements.
Apr 25, 2013