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Wiz-War (eighth edition):: resumen de reglas en español By: onizuka26
wiz war resumen de reglas.docx (13 KB)
resumen de reglas en español
Dec 31, 2017


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War RPG By: Cavetroll
WW RPG cards.pdf (390 KB)
For the WW Dungeon Adventure #1. No art to speak of, just a text description of a few things that you can find during the adventure. Also no attempt at Iconography; these are all Items (yellow icon). Basically, this adds physical weapons to the adventure.
Jul 12, 2016
Wiz-War Dungeon Adventure 1.docx (4.80 MB)
This is the first "designed" module I ran using the WW RPG rules (which I've uploaded the same time as this module; hopefully the rules file beats the module file).
Jul 12, 2016
Wiz-War RPG 6.doc (52 KB)
A short supplement to the rules that lets you play Wiz-War like an RPG. It's an amazing amount of fun that way. Core rules are Wiz-War rules, as are the components.
Jul 12, 2016


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Card Type Distribution By: haslo
WizWar Card Type Distribution - Card Types.pdf (53 KB)
I updated the file (finally!) with the info from Bestial Forces. It was about time :) The file now includes all cards from the base game and both expansions.

This is both a breakdown by spell type (neutral, attack etc.) and by tags (Creation, Fire, etc.).
May 30, 2016
Card Type Distribution - Card Types.pdf (31 KB)
Here goes a breakdown of how many of which type of cards each school has. Includes schools from both the base game and Malefic Curses.

This is both a breakdown by spell type (neutral, attack etc.) and by tags (Creation, Fire, etc.).

I did this out of personal interest, maybe it's of interest to somebody else as well.
Sep 7, 2014


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Universal Head WIZ-WAR Rules Summary & Reference By: UniversalHead
WizWar_v2.1.pdf (1.07 MB)
The Universal Head WIZ-WAR Rules Summary & Reference v2.1 (Apr16). Rules summary, play reference sheets, summaries for both Malefic Curses and Bestial Forces.
Apr 25, 2016
WizWar_v2.pdf (992 KB)
The Universal Head WIZ-WAR Rules Summary & Reference v2 (Jan15). Rules summary, play reference sheets, summaries for both Malefic Curses and Bestial Forces.
Jan 25, 2015
WizWar_v1.2.pdf (1.39 MB)
The Universal Head WIZ-WAR Rules Summary & Reference v1.2 (Mar'12). Double-sided rules summary, double-sided play reference sheet x2.
Mar 20, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Rules By: SirCptnAwesome
Wiz Wars.docx (40 KB)
This is a one page (front and back)rules sheet that has the expansions integrated into it. It is straight forward and to the point in a format that you can easily teach with or pick up and play after a long break.
Apr 6, 2016


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz War Übersicht By: Gruftknecht
WizWar_Zuguebersicht_GERMAN2016.jpg (2.56 MB)
2x1 Übersichtsblatt im Format A5 mit Zugübersicht, Farben der Zauberkarten, Reichweiten, Wirkungsdauer und Haltbarkeit von Dingen. Auf A4 ausdrucken, Hälften trennen - laminieren. (Stand: 02/2016)
Feb 28, 2016


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War - Polska Instrukcja By: bibula
Wiz-War.pdf (6.72 MB)
Polska Instrukcja do gry Wiz-War przetłumaczona przez Marcina "Twistera".

Miłego grania :)
Oct 16, 2015


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Two page (SIR) By: korneeltroch
WizWar (SN).docx (312 KB)
SIR = Summary of Important Rules

Two page summary of the most important rules to freshen up your memory that you can't forget to play this game.

The amount of rules and their complexity adds another page.
Jul 8, 2015


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Game Card Template By: Kuiki
Card Template.psd (1.58 MB)
This is a photoshoptemplate to create your own gamecards. I hope you like it.
Jun 8, 2015


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War Quick Rules Summary By: JamesT
Wiz-War.rtf (5 KB)
This is a quick rules summary, not intended to replace the rulebook but as a refresher for someone who has played the game before. It's in rtf format so that you can modify it as you like.
Feb 20, 2015


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War kártya segédlet By: va_zoli
Wiz-War_Szerkesztett_ká (840 KB)
matricára nyomtatható, szerkesztett verzió
(tomcy készítette, én csak átnéztem, felraktam)
Feb 18, 2015


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War Detailed Cheat Sheet By: chasewystone
Wiz-War_v3.1.pdf (395 KB)
VERSION 3.0 UPDATE: Removed "Creation" under the Special Card Trait rules, and placed a blanket reminder that spells cannot create objects in the Home Base Square or an occupied space (per the rules on pg 14). Added Random Energy under the Energy type card.
Feb 16, 2015
Wiz-War_v3.0.pdf (384 KB)
VERSION 3.0 UPDATE: This one was a long-time coming... Includes Bestial Forces. Unfortunately, the additional rules forced me to remove the second sheet per page, so now there's only 1 "card" (front and back, and much larger than a normal card) per page.

As always, input is appreciated, but bear in mind that this is a cheat sheet, and not intended to replace the rulebook.
Feb 13, 2015
Wiz-War_v2.2.pdf (418 KB)
VERSION 2.2 UPDATE: Resized text fields to on the front card/page to make all text viewable once again (previously, the "Discard and Draw" had been cut off, as well as the text regarding "Transformation")
Aug 19, 2014
Wiz-War_v2.1.pdf (415 KB)
VERSION 2.1 UPDATE: As pointed out, edited the box referring to stuns to now read as "Move OR Attack" instead of "Move OR Cast." I somehow missed that you can still perform other actions as normal. :p
Jul 21, 2014
Wiz-War_v2.0.pdf (393 KB)
VERSION 2.0 UPDATE: Added additional information/rules from the latest expansion, "Malefic Curses." Added info for Flash Energy, Same-Sector range, and a reminder about teleporting into solid matter (you take 1 dmg), and that Hexes are immune to damage (it's listed under DAMAGE->DROPPED ITEMS/HEXES)
Mar 12, 2014
Wiz-War_v1.0.pdf (339 KB)
Detailed Cheat Sheets (2 per page) to aid Wiz-War players who are either rusty or new to the rules. There's a more streamlined set of cards uploaded by Ben M (spoon_platoon)that can be found at:

I simply expanded upon his initial concept and attempted to cover the sections of the rules that most players have trouble with remembering and/or learning. Comments and suggestions are very much welcome (and I know that one section of the "cards" feel a bit messy...)
Feb 22, 2013


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: School of Magic Draft Cards By: marshimartian
WizWarDraftCards.pdf (358 KB)
A homebrew set of cards I designed specifically for drafting/randomly dealing schools of magic for your game of Wiz-War. Enjoy!
Dec 18, 2014


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz War Counter to School of Magic Chart By: Baraiha
Wiz War Counter Mix.pdf (1.23 MB)
I decided to organize my cards by School of magic in deck boxes and include the appropriate counters for the school in each box for easier set up. The attached file displays which counters go into which box to speed up storage as well. I hope it helps someone else out there!
Sep 27, 2014


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War 3 player panel By: jag2468
WizWar_Tri-Panel.pdf (6.06 MB)
After seeing this homemade panel here,
I thought I'd try my hand at making one, and get it to match the boards.
Since a side is 9.5", there are two pages. One is on a 10" square. The other is on letter sized paper in two pieces.
Jun 4, 2014


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War magyar szabálykönyv By: va_zoli
WizWar_Rulebook v1-12 low_hu.pdf (4.19 MB)

Remélem tudja más is használni ezt a fordítást és már nem lesz akadály ennek a remek kis játéknak a kipróbálása előtt. Köszönet Fishának lektorálásért!

Mar 6, 2014


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War rules summary By: Grimnir
Wiz-War rules summary v1.pdf (46 KB)
Wiz-War rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory.

Incorporates any clarifications from Fantasy Flight's FAQ v1.1.
Aug 11, 2013
Wiz-War rules summary v1.doc (67 KB)
Wiz-War rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory.

Incorporates any clarifications from Fantasy Flight's FAQ v1.1.
Jun 26, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz War Magic For Free!! (Non-official expansion) By: Ogid
Wiz_War_ Magic_For_FreeV1.0.pdf (6.96 MB)
Wiz War: Magic For Free!!

¿What can you find in it?
1 Basic Rules.
2 New Schools of magic (Metamagic, Illusion, War, Destruction).
3 Cards clarifications.
4 Link to art.
5 Forums official extracts.

EDIT: I've one new school of magic, Summon, focused on creatures. You may discard it from: When I have more, I'll update it to upload all in one file.

I hope you like it!!
Nov 2, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-war 1-page reference (Chinese) By: hercyxp
Wiz-War rules reference (Chinese).doc (70 KB)
Wiz-war 1-page reference in Chinese
Sep 13, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Cartas Referencia Español By: mtjander
referencia wiz war a4.jpg (4.34 MB)
Cartas de referencia rápida para esos jugadores novatos.
Encontrareis: Fases, escuelas de magia, tipos de hechizo...

Es una traducción de las cartas creadas por spoon_platoon
Aug 24, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War Errata and FAQ version 1.1 By: hibernus
WizWar_FAQ version 1-1 with red low res.pdf (567 KB)
Greetings fellow wizards! After a great conclave with designers Tom Jolly and Kevin Wilson, I am delighted to bring you this updated Wiz-War FAQ (version 1.1). Players have been eager for some of its clarifications and answers to gameplay questions.

This document includes limited errata, clarifies a few points in the core game, and presents answers to players’ most frequently asked questions, including questions about the workings of a few particular cards.

We hope these clarifications allow you to resume your spellcasting in full force.

May you be the last wizard standing and your hands full of treasure!

–Mark O’Connor, Wiz-War Producer
Jul 13, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: краткий перевод правил By: balrogest
Война чародеев.pdf (2.13 MB)
перевод правил без картинок и примеров на русский язык
May 22, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: превод карт By: balrogest
Wiz War Перевод карт.pdf (3.38 MB)
перевод карт на русский язык. только текст.
May 21, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Wiz-War - Player reference cards By: spoon_platoon
Wiz-War_Player-reference-cards_v1-2.pdf (1.50 MB)
A reference card aimed at new players or the more forgetful gameer. Designed to be a helpful reminder of different aspects of the game (phases, target type, spell type etc).

Card dimensions match those of spell cards to easily fit card sleeves.
May 13, 2012


Wiz-War (eighth edition):: Japanese rulebook By: nagamine
Wiz-War (6.42 MB)
A PDF file of the rules in japanese language for Wiz-War (eighth edition).
May 6, 2012

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