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Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder All Tokens player aid By: iamzimmer
KB_TokenSummary_v1.pdf (10.12 MB)
All Kingdom Builder tokens (base game through 2016), with picture of token and description next to it. Included is an "arrow fix" for a few Marshland tiles.
Check out my other player aids & tuckboxes too!
Feb 16, 2017


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder_Overview of Loaction Tiles including the expansions Nomads, Crossroads and Marshlands EN version 1.0 By: Pozman
Kingdom Builder_Overview of Location tiles (Base_Nomads_Crossroads and Marshlands).xlsx (72 KB)
A 2-paged overview of all the location tiles, including all 3 big expansions (Nomads, Crossroads and the newest Marshlands). The overview is in English and this is version 1 of the file.

It's an Excel-file, so feel free to make any changes you want.

If you would discover a mistake, please notify me so that I can correct it.
Oct 6, 2016


Kingdom Builder:: custom image dice for choose first player By: Ravachol
kingdom (78 KB)
to work with this app

see also this geek list

i add a green player for thoose like me hat have other color house !
Jun 20, 2015


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom_Builder_NL_low By: chilibean
Kingdom_Builder_NL_low.pdf (17.56 MB)
Official rules in Dutch.
Jun 18, 2015


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom_Builder_FR_low By: chilibean
Kingdom_Builder_FR_low.pdf (9.21 MB)
Official rules in French.
Jun 18, 2015


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom_Builder_ES_low By: chilibean
Kingdom_Builder_ES_low.pdf (9.21 MB)
Official rules in Spanish.
Jun 18, 2015


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom_Builder_DE_low By: chilibean
Kingdom_Builder_DE_low.pdf (8.28 MB)
Official rules in German.
Jun 18, 2015


Kingdom Builder:: Reference for cards and boards Dutch vs English By: GerarddeG
Kingdom Builder English-Dutch.pdf (201 KB)
Overzicht kaarten en borden om Nederlandse termen met Engelse termen te vergelijken.
Jun 17, 2015


Kingdom Builder:: Paste up das cartas em Português/BR By: tequila_j
kingdom-builder_cards_pt-BR_printer_1.0.pdf (1.50 MB)
Update some words

Algumas palavras trocadas para facilitar o entendimento
(colonia->casa, ouro->ponto)
Tamanho das cartas corrigidos.
Feb 15, 2015
kingdon-builder_cards_pt-BR_printer_0.9.pdf (1.50 MB)
Paste up em Português do Brasil. Ele cobrem as cartas totalmente. Erros são esperados
Esta não é uma versão oficial da Queen Games

Paste up in Brazilian Portuguese. This will cover the cards.
This is a fan version. This is NOT an official Brazilian/Portuguese translation by Queen Games

Feb 4, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Résumé des règles By: Patrice_jps
Kingdom_builder.pdf (72 KB)
Organigramme résumant les règles.
Dec 18, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder - Castle Reference Card + Fan Expansion By: kerred
KingdomBuilderCastleFanExpansion.pdf (15.29 MB)
Draw a card at the start of the game. Will it be 3 Points per castle? Or something new?
Nov 4, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder Foam Board Insert Plans By: acedaryl1
Kingdom Builder Foam Board Insert Plans.pdf (290 KB)
Plans to build a custom foam board insert that fits in the Kingdom Builder base game box. Insert hold base game, Nomads expansion and Crossroads expansion.

I plan to make more of these in the future, so constructive feedback is appreciated.
Oct 5, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder goal template - Make your own goals By: kerred
KingdomBuilderTemplate V1.1.xcf (17.22 MB)
A 300 dpi gimp file now.

includes an "image" box where you can cut any picture, and the frame will go under it.

All text boxes use Garamond font.
Sep 26, 2014
KingdomBuilderTemplate.png (1.49 MB)
I have the Gimp .xcf file if anyone wants it, which has the text boxes already set up. Either use MSPaint, Gimp, Photoshop, or similar application to add the text to make your own goal cards. Print Actual Size on A4/8.5"x 11" paper (not stretched to fit)

Tip: Put clear packing tape (preferably the kind that doesn't turn yellow after ten years) over the printout before cutting it out. Put in a sleeve and it will have the same quality as an official card!

Ideally I will try to make a template that you can "auto center" the print out, then print a page with auto centered card backs, so it will make lovely double-sided goal cards that you can easily sleeve/packing tape up and be ready to play!

The font I believe is used in the game is "Garamond".
Jul 20, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Polish cards - polskie karty By: grzes19
300g A3+ dwustronnie.pdf (9.44 MB)
Polish cards ready for print - small spelling changes.
Polskie karty gotowe do druku - niewielka korekta ortograficzna.
May 25, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder Rulebook (hrvatska pravila) By: Shich
Kingdom-Builder_pravila.pdf (2.36 MB)
Unofficial fan content - neslužbeni prijevod pravila
Mar 10, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Cartas en español del juego base Kingdom Builder By: eitibi
Cartas Kingdom Builder_ESP.pdf (2.72 MB)
Las 10 cartas en español del juego base del Kingdom Builder, preparadas en una sola hoja A4, listas para imprimir.
Mar 4, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder - Nomads + Crossroads + Promos Tray By: PinkyMan
Kingdom Builder ALL Token Holder.pdf (546 KB)
Foamboard version of the Token tray. My prototype 'Single A4 card' version just proved too flimsy with all the expansions. This version works perfectly for me.
Mar 1, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Правила гри Kingdom Builder українською / Kingdom Builder rules in Ukrainian By: zlosny
Kingdom Builder.ukr.pdf (3.01 MB)
Неофіційний переклад правил гри Kingdom Builder українською, версія 1.0. It is an unofficial translation of Kingdom Builder rules into Ukrainian, version 1.0 (posted with permission from Queen Games).
Feb 25, 2014


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder - Nederlandse kaarten By: Caesar!
Kingdom builder cards NL.pdf (13.53 MB)
Dutch versions of the Kingdom Builder cards in printable resolution.
Dec 28, 2013


Kingdom Builder:: Magyar szabály - Hungarian rules By: bigbluehun
Kingdom_Builder magyar szabály.pdf (2.92 MB)
Saját készítésű szabály az eredeti Kingdom Builder alapjátékhoz. A fordítást Centaur lektorálta anno a magyar nyelvű kártyák kiadása előtt.
Ezt követően került a Piatnik szabály kiadásra.
Dec 21, 2013


Kingdom Builder:: New cards and moves for Kingdom builder By: guigux
kb_ext_v3.pdf (1.86 MB)
10 new goal cards,
8 new special moves for location tiles.
Dec 16, 2013


Kingdom Builder:: Создатель Королевства (Игровед) By: Shinner
Правила настольной игры Создатель Королевства (Kingdom Builder).pdf (1.25 MB)
Правила игры
Sep 23, 2013


Kingdom Builder:: Consolidated summary of Kingdom Builder location tiles By: dougadamsau
KB_tiles.pdf (119 KB)
Summary of all the location tiles for Kingdom Builder, Nomads, Crossroads, and promos.

Includes dependency links (Caves to the Tavern, etc).

Thanks for Roger Smith for a bit of spit and polish.
Jun 4, 2013


Kingdom Builder:: Kingdom Builder Token Tray + Nomads + Promos By: PinkyMan
Kingdom Builder Token Holder + Nomads + Promos.pdf (193 KB)
So here it is. My combined Base + Nomads + Promos tray.
Made from a single sheet of A4 card. Since my last token tray was quite popular, I've had plenty of requests for the combined sets. Thanks for all your feedback and GG. :)

I would recommend using at least 240gms card in the construction. The tokens also provide extra rigidity in the construction.

All because I hate loose pieces. Enjoy!

And yeah, I know Crossroads is coming out soon... :D
Apr 5, 2013


Kingdom Builder:: Célkártyák magyarul (Cards in Hungarian) By: fisha
kingdom_builder_cards_hu_1.1.pdf (511 KB)
Célkártyák magyarul 1.1
Mar 10, 2013
kingdom_builder_cards_hu.pdf (512 KB)
Célkártyák magyarul (Cards in Hungarian)
Jan 15, 2013

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