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Dark Moon:: Dark Moon Rules Summary German v1 By: arvama
Dark_Moon_rules_summary_german_v1.pdf (640 KB)
Regelzusammenfassung / Spielerhilfe zweiseitig (1/2)
Sonstige Regeln / Seite 3

ich liebe das Spiel, aber bin immer auf die Schwierigkeit gestoßen das Spiel zu erklären. Auch wenn die Spieler des Englischen mächtig sind und auf dem Sichtschirm alles erklärt ist, gab es immer wieder Verständnisschwierigkeiten. Daher habe ich mir die Mühe gemacht, eine zweiseitige Spielerhilfe auf Deutsch zu erstellen. Selbst habe ich diese noch nicht testen können.
Solltet ihr eher dazu kommen, dann berichtet vorn euren Erfahrungen.

Viel Spaß, Arno
Oct 11, 2017


Dark Moon:: Custom Dark Moon Screens By: awana56
Dark Moon Screens.pdf (5.19 MB)
I made my own Dark Moon Screens because a friend's dog ate one, and we also thought it would be nice to have larger screens. These are half sheets of 8.5 X 11, we placed them in clear menu sleeves we got off Amazon.
Download the original google doc here:
Dec 28, 2016


Dark Moon:: Universal Head DARK MOON Rules Summary & Reference By: UniversalHead
DarkMoon_v1.pdf (768 KB)
The Universal Head DARK MOON Rules Summary & Reference v1 (Dec15).
Dec 15, 2015


Dark Moon:: Dark Moon Rules Reference By: raether
DarkmoonReference.pdf (577 KB)
A two page (or single sheet front and back) rules reference. Page 1 covers turn order and tasks while Page 2 covers actions and other information players need to know (and might not be able to ask about).
Sep 21, 2015


Dark Moon:: Dark Moon rules summary By: Grimnir
Dark Moon rules summary v1.pdf (205 KB)
Dark Moon rules summary that incorporates any clarifications from the Rules Addendum version 0.9.
Sep 9, 2015


Dark Moon:: Official Dark Moon FAQ By: derrickec
DarkMoon_FAQ_V.9.pdf (647 KB)
Version 0.9 of the official Dark Moon rules addendum.
Jul 26, 2015


Dark Moon:: Dark Moon Intro - Dramatic Read By: RMGreen
DarkMoon_Intro.mp3 (2.83 MB)
A dramatic reading of the intro to Dark Moon from the rule book. Perhaps use it to set the mood before the game!

Warning! The recording contains mild language and a description of graphic violence. Also, it's intended to be pretty creepy. You may not want to play this for your young children.

Background music credit:
Jul 24, 2015


Dark Moon:: Tuckboxes for Cards (sleeved) and Dice By: davidallves
Dark Moon Tuckboxes.pdf (1.20 MB)
Print 100%. The tuckboxes are for sleeved cards (I use FGG sleeves)

Pag.1 - Tuckbox for Dice (there is space for cubes if you want to throw them in there)

Pag.2 - Tuckbox for Events, Characters and Satus Cards

Pag.3 - Tuckbox for Task Cards
Jul 19, 2015


Dark Moon:: Dark Moon - Official Rulebook By: derrickec
DarkMoon_Rulebook_ForUpload.pdf (2.15 MB)
The official rulebook for Dark Moon, designed by Evan Derrick and published by Stronghold Games.
Apr 7, 2015


Dark Moon:: Escudo para rolagem de dados com resumo de regras em português do Brasil (Pt-BR) By: gpereira
BSG_screen_no_cr-PT-BR.pdf (466 KB)
Escudo para esconder a rolagem dos dados com resumo das regras para auxiliar os jogadores em português do Brasil. É a tradução do trabalho do Cockroach, que por sua vez se baseou no arquivo original provido por nicknotts.

Versão 1.0
Screen and player aid in brazillian portuguese (PT-BR). Based on cockroach's work which whas based on nicknotts original work.

Version 1.0
Sep 14, 2013


Dark Moon:: BSG Express Rules and Player Aid By: wadenels
BSGExpressRulesandPlayerAid.pdf (78 KB)
A basic rules rewrite with player aid.
Sep 6, 2013


Dark Moon:: BSG Express tarjeta ayuda jugadores By: fitioviedo
BSG Express tarjeta ayuda jugadores.pdf (25 KB)
BSG Express tarjeta ayuda jugadores, rápida tamaño carta de magic (88*63) para que cada jugador tenga una delante suyo en la partida.
Te recuerda las acciones del jugador y las cosas que se suelen olvidar o pasar por alto.
Muy útil cuando se enseña a jugar por primera vez a otros jugadores.
El archivo está previsto para que la tarjetas se doblen sobre si mismas y se peguen ambos lados.
Jul 16, 2013


Dark Moon:: BSG resumen reglas Español By: fitioviedo
BSG resumen Reglas Español rev1.doc (81 KB)
Revisión 1 del resumen corrigiendo y añadiendo pequeñas cosas.
Jul 15, 2013
BSG resumen Reglas Español.pdf (36 KB)
BSG resumen reglas Español
Dec 17, 2012


Dark Moon:: BSG Express RUS (cards and box with alternative layout) By: by_Ilusion
BSG Express RUS_3(alt)_(comp).rar (12.39 MB)
Cards and box - RUS.
All compressed, original - 46MB
Feb 19, 2013


Dark Moon:: BSG Express RUS (rulebook, screens, box) By: by_Ilusion
BSG Express RUS_2_(comp).rar (7.63 MB)
Rulebook, screens and box - RUS.
All compressed, original - 46MB
Feb 19, 2013


Dark Moon:: BSG Express RUS (cards, dice, markers, board) By: by_Ilusion
BSG Express RUS_1_(comp).rar (7.48 MB)
Cards and markers - RUS. Gameboard - original.
All compressed, original - 46MB
Feb 19, 2013


Dark Moon:: Alternative Crisis Board By: Luth
Luth_BSGExpress_CrisisBoard.pdf (5.41 MB)
A crisis "board" (double-sided) for people like me who didn't have enough dice at hand for 5 players *and* crisis dice. (Version 1: Crisis symbols cribbed from the original crisis dice labels)
Feb 1, 2013


Dark Moon:: Character power reference cards By: ChronoRogue
bsgx character power reference cards.docx (18 KB)
I made these cards so all players can quickly see what the other players' powers are. Also a cylon player can use this card to discretely remind themselves what their 'reveal as cylon' power is.
Jun 19, 2012


Dark Moon:: The Remainder - Dice Sheet By: sdotco
bsgexpressstickers.png (112 KB)
Dice sheet used for "The Remainder" detheme of BSG Express. Enjoy.
May 13, 2012


Dark Moon:: Junjo token stickers By: Corvus_Corax
Pegatinas1.pdf (447 KB)
Junjo token stickers
May 10, 2012


Dark Moon:: Players Aid in Polish By: janekbossko
karta pomocy.odt (27 KB)
karta pomocy graczy :)
May 4, 2012


Dark Moon:: Skill Dice Conversion By: Derfell
Normal Skill Dice Conversion Table.pdf (186 KB)
A conversion table so you can use the normal dice for skill checks. Not as pratical as the real thing but a great help if you have problems making custom dice.
Apr 9, 2012


Dark Moon:: Origami Dice for BSG Express By: wilesps
BSG Express dice-origami.pdf (1.68 MB)
Full set of origami dice that use the method detailed in this post:

Thanks to Evan Derrick for the great game.
Mar 25, 2012


Dark Moon:: Screen dice By: Corvus_Corax
Pantallas BSG Expres 2.doc (414 KB)
Pantalla para dados
Mar 13, 2012


Dark Moon:: An other BSG: Express screen By: Cockroach
BSG_screen_no_cr.pdf (878 KB)
I just took nicknotts' screen and shamelessly used the layout and text... improved the typographie a bit, updated the inserted image. Kudo's for the inspiration from nick's work!
Feb 9, 2012

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