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8-Bit Invaders:: 8-BIT INVADERS TV Playmat By: Koal999
I decided to create an old 70´s tv playmat to increase the retro feeling of this cool game - here it is, i hope you like the result!

This ZIP-file contains a JPEG-pic of the whole mat and two pdf-files where i seperated the mat in two parts. I did this, because i want to make this mat on my A4 printer. The left side is divided in 4 landscape A4 Sheets which overlap at 5mm. Therefor i had to shrink the cards to a size of 53x43mm.
The right side of the board replaces the original playmat. You can use the turning knobs for the alien movement. I decided to make real wodden knobs which i put under the holes of my mat, this really works fine.

So turn on your tv and save the earth from this alien Invasion!
Sep 6, 2017


8-Bit Invaders:: Résumé règle en Français By: Gillespan
8-Bit INVADERS.pdf (1.88 MB)
Résumé des règles en français.
Aug 11, 2014


8-Bit Invaders:: Cartes (french translation) By: cid44
8bit_cartes.pdf (2.98 MB)
French translation (with back) from
Jan 21, 2013


8-Bit Invaders:: Alternative Board By: Jupklass
2_boards.pdf (197 KB)
my alternative board.
Two flavours. Print - Friendly and Retro style (Print - heavy)
May 21, 2012


8-Bit Invaders:: 8bit Colour (A4 Printer friendly) By: djcassar
8bit.pdf (2.92 MB)
Colour version of 8bit invaders

You will still need to download the board. I can upload one with the same graphics if wanted?

A non-ink friendly version using 2" x 2.5" cards is available from artscow at:
Apr 15, 2012


8-Bit Invaders:: Card Backs - Bonus Cards By: Krikkit
8BitInvadersBonusBackNoBorder.pdf (10 KB)
Card Backs for the bonus cards.
Nov 1, 2011


8-Bit Invaders:: Card Backs - Aliens By: Krikkit
8BitInvadersAlienBack.pdf (11 KB)
Card backs for alien cards.
Nov 1, 2011


8-Bit Invaders:: Board By: Krikkit
8BitInvadersBoard.pdf (72 KB)
8-Bit Invaders Board/Playmat - for movement track/card organization.
Nov 1, 2011


8-Bit Invaders:: Cards By: Krikkit
8BitInvadersCards.pdf (72 KB)
8-Bit Invaders Cards (front) v1.0
Nov 1, 2011


8-Bit Invaders:: Rules By: Krikkit
8BitInvadersRules.pdf (354 KB)
8-Bit Invaders Rules v1.0 (English)
Nov 1, 2011