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Snowdonia:: Snowdonia FAQ v1.0 By: LeeJS
Snowdonia FAQ.v1.pdf (78 KB)
Full English FAQ containing all questions found here and comments made by the designer.

I was surprised to find that a 5+ year old game did not have a FAQ in English, despite a large number of questions being asked and answered here so I've taken the liberty of collating all of the available questions and answers I could find into the document attached.

Please let me know of any mistakes or additions and I will add them as soon as I can.
Aug 2, 2017


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia - Quick Reference, v1.00 By: delta1119
Snowdonia - Quick Reference.pdf (99 KB)
1-page summary in my QR format, PDF
Jun 21, 2017


Snowdonia:: Automodonia- A competitive automata using only a D6 for Snowdonia By: maloma
Automodonia sheet - 00c.pdf (1.82 MB)
These are 4 printable cards created by robkoch2112 that have the rules summarized for easy reference. It also includes a space for Automodonia rubble and the collected resource cubes if desired.
Feb 23, 2017
Automodonia.pdf (49 KB)
This is an automata designed for Snowdonia using only the resources in the box and a D6. It blocks spaces, hoards resources and has a scoring method that creates an extremely competitive game that feels like multiplayer with minimal rule implementation.

This automa was developed through a collaboration of users.
schiavonir, maloma, ddoyen and robkoch2112.

There are cards that can be printed with a summary of the rules for ease of use. They will be uploaded after this file gets approved. The cards were submitted for approval on 2/23/17.
Feb 22, 2017


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia Opponent Bot rules v1 By: Dave in Ledbury
SMTHCoBot PnP v1.pdf (1.07 MB)
These are the version 1.0 rules and accompanying 32-card solo automa robot. They are submitted with the blessing of Tony Boydell. This automa bot for Snowdonia was inspired by Morten Monrad Pederson's Automa solo play method for worker placement.
Set printer to print 'Actual Size', and single-sided printing. Fold card-backs onto the reverse of the card-fronts.
(Please ignore the numbering on the cards - these were just identifying numbers I gave to the cards while testing, and they do not represent anything in the game itself.)

Developer notes:

The Snowdonia solo game 'out of the box' is a lovely solo implementation, and I love playing it. When I saw that there were people mentioning that they were not fans of the 'beat your own score' style of solo play, I thought that Snowdonia, with an event timer already in place, would be ideal for an Automa-style solo opponent.

My variant has been in development for about a year. Getting the balance right for the bot took a bit of trial and error. It was unbeatable in its original form. The placement of the workers on the cards has been carefully chosen to replicate a game against a real opponent.

Also, in the original incarnation, the bot always went first. I was able to work-in a way of allowing the player to become first player occasionally, as this allows the stockyard to be depleted and not fill up too quickly nor too often. Managing the stockyard is an important element of the variant, as it is in the regular game.

I'm pleased I have been able to release the variant and give people the chance to experience the game against an opponent. You will curse Mr Smith's placements, and you will try to deny him rubble, tracks, station build spots, and contract cards to stop him scoring, while at the same time trying to maximise your own score.

SMTHCoBot is a challenging opponent, and I hope you have lots of fun trying to beat him!
Feb 14, 2017


Snowdonia:: Player mat By: j00nbrains
Snowdonia player ma tv1.pdf (13.38 MB)
If you like to keep things organised I developed this little player mat. Comments and suggestions welcome.
Feb 5, 2017


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia goods player aid By: iamzimmer
Snowdonia_goods_playeraid_v1.pdf (1.09 MB)
Reference for what each good can be used for.
Jan 5, 2017


Snowdonia:: Resumo - Snowdonia By: Abruk
Snowdonia-ResumoPT.pdf (282 KB)
Portuguese resumo 2 pages A4
Nov 6, 2016


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia Card Manifest By: dragos_br
Snowdonia Card Manifest - October 2016 v2.pdf (312 KB)
Updated after designer's comments.
Oct 28, 2016
Snowdonia Card Manifest - October 2016.pdf (71 KB)
Snowdonia card manifest updated October 2016.
Oct 25, 2016
Snowdonia Card Manifest.pdf (300 KB)
Some people might find this useful. I do, when at the end of a game session how to separate the cards again for easy setup in the future.
Apr 7, 2016


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia - A Plain and Simple Guide By: malibu_babe_28
Snowdonia Plain and Simple.pdf (305 KB)
I have attempted to collate all the designer clarifications from all questions up to today, and incorporate them into the rules. I have also added an Appendix for the card effect clarifications. Please feel free to feedback on any mistakes I have made, but hopefully its all now correct.
Jul 31, 2016


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia_Etiquetas Cartas de Contrato en Español By: MALLOREN
Snowdonia_Cartas_ESP.pdf (542 KB)
Traslado al español de las cartas de contrato de este juego.
May 4, 2016


Snowdonia:: Scheda per giocatori Italiano By: martoretti
Questa scheda amatoriale, è stata realizzata per agevolare i giocatori, riepilogando le caratteristiche dei treni e dei contratti, oltre che a fornire spazi appositi per tenere tutto in ordine sul tavolo di gioco.
Apr 21, 2016


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia Faq By: Faso74it
FAQ Snowdonia_v1.01.pdf (109 KB)
This file contains (in Italian!)
- Snowdonia FAQ (compiled from forums questions)
- Translation into Italian of some published scenarios (Daffodil Line, Necropolis Line, Neuhauser Bockerlbahn, Trans-Australian Railway)
- Translation of some Promos descriptions (both physical and BGG-published)
Dec 30, 2015


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia Solo Record Sheet By: Spielfreak
SnowdoniaSolo_v3.pdf (200 KB)
Version 3: Added a column to record water, for use in the Trans-Australia expansion.
Dec 16, 2015
SnowdoniaSolo_v2.pdf (197 KB)
Added areas to record points from excavation, added contract point ledger, and added Endgame trigger remarks. Thanks to mo7189 for the suggestions!
Mar 11, 2015
SnowdoniaSolo.pdf (193 KB)
I use this record sheet for recording every move I make during a solo game. The small boxes in the comment box corners are for recording Station Points and Track Points. Please visit my gallery to view some sample filled-in sheets.
Nov 28, 2014


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia Set-ups By: WonderCinz
Snowdonia_Setups_v1.1.pdf (24 KB)
Version 1.1 corrects one error: the station cards for the two base game scenarios were swapped.
Dec 11, 2015
Snowdonia_Setups_v1.0.pdf (24 KB)
This lists the set-ups for the Snowdonia, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Jungfraubahn, Mt. Washington, Necropolis, and Neuhauser Bockerlbahn scenarios.

Please let me know if you spot any errors (although I think I managed to spell centre and colour correctly).

Version 1.0.
Mar 10, 2015


Snowdonia:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Snowdonia_box.pdf (566 KB)
Paper box for cards of various Snowdonia expansions, 6,5x9,7 cm, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛

Oct 18, 2015


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia - Rules Reference_Player Aid By: jcawlo
Snowdonia_Rules Ref.pdf (1.77 MB)
This is a 2-pg PDF rules reference and player aid for Snowdonia.
Apr 20, 2015


Snowdonia:: Portable Snowdonia : Board on cards By: koinskyz
Snowdonia Board_on_Cards_BGG.pdf (2.30 MB)
Snowdonia’s board transferred on a set of cards (same size as the original cards) = entirely portable Snowdonia
Mar 26, 2015


Snowdonia:: Modular board for Snowdonia (1P-2P) By: koinskyz
Modular_Board_Overlay_JungFB_Wash_BGG.jpg (3.38 MB)
Modular board for 1 and 2 Players (A3 size – half the size of the original board).
[3 Files : 1 Modular board for base game, 2 Overlays for expansions].
THIS FILE : Overlay setup to play with JungFrauBahn and Mount Washington expansion. For further information, read comment below.
Mar 25, 2015
Modular_Board_Overlay_Necro_NeuH_BGG.jpg (3.37 MB)
Modular board for 1 and 2 Players (A3 size – half the size of the original board).
[3 Files : 1 Modular board for base game, 2 Overlays for expansions].
THIS FILE : Overlay setup to play with Necropolis and NeuHauser expansion. For further information, read comment below.
Mar 25, 2015
Modular_Board_BGG.jpg (4.87 MB)
Modular board for 1 and 2 Players (A3 size – half the size of the original board).
[3 Files : 1 Modular board for base game, 2 Overlays for expansions].
THIS FILE : Modular board - use it alone to play the base game or with related overlays to play with the expansions. For further information, read comment below.
Mar 22, 2015


Snowdonia:: Small board for Snowdonia (solo or 2P) By: koinskyz
Small_Snowdonia_board_BGG.jpg (4.67 MB)
The original board is very elegant. However, when playing solo or 2P, it's possible to save some space on the table with a smaller one.
This redesign is half the size of the original board. The overall size is A3 = 42x29,7cm, i.e. approximately 16x11 inches.

For a new and modular version, see this file :
Mar 15, 2015


Snowdonia:: The Snowdonia Trains By: Muse23PT
Snowdonia Trains (TB comments).pdf (115 KB)
A file containing all the information about each train that is currently available (as of 20/02/2015) for the game Snowdonia.

The info contains costs, abilities and the scenarios where each train can be used.

Hope this is helpful.

Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated

Feb 20, 2015


Snowdonia:: Texto de las Cartas de Contrato By: OisinoiD
CartasdeContrato.pdf (40 KB)
Texto en Castellano de las Cartas de Contrato.
Jun 13, 2014


Snowdonia:: Contract Cards in french By: Kenran
Snowdonia cartes FR v2.pdf (5.44 MB)
Bas des cartes contrats en français pour mettre sous pochettes par dessus les cartes originales.

Il n'y a plus 2 cartes 14 (mais une carte 14 et une carte 9). Le texte est quand même identique sur les 2.
May 10, 2014
Snowdonia cartes FR.pdf (4.57 MB)
Traduction en français des cartes contrats
Feb 19, 2013


Snowdonia:: Rules in French By: Kenran
Snowdonia VF v4.pdf (4.25 MB)
4eme version de la règle en Français.

Erreur signalée par bouchar4 corrigée ainsi qu'une autre petite erreur page4 dans le tableau d'approvisionnement.
May 10, 2014
Snowdonia VF v2.pdf (4.09 MB)
Petites corrections mineures
Dec 11, 2012
Snowdonia VF v1.pdf (4.09 MB)
Règle en français
Dec 1, 2012


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia Comprehensive Scoresheet By: secoAce (332 KB)
Snowdonia Comprehensive Scoresheet, version 2.0 (4/1/2014)

* Added Daffodil VP scoring row for the Daffodil Line Expansion.
* Added generic "Other Bonuses" row for any other scoring type that might appear in future expansions.
Apr 1, 2014 (330 KB)
Snowdonia Comprehensive Scoresheet, version 1.0

This is a custom re-design of the Snowdonia scoresheet to allow more information to be recorded. It’s designed to be a comprehensive and complete scoresheet that useful for either multiplayer or solo games.

Custom additions to the scoresheet include:
* Checkboxes for the published scenarios plus additional space for scenarios—just check off the scenario. There’s also a blank space for any other scenarios that may be developed.
* Space for listing the train used in solo games
* Date field for the game
* Text labels for each type of VP scores.

There are 2 versions of the comprehensive scoresheet included depending on your preference to flip the booklet horizontally or vertically.

NOTE: This scoresheet redesign re-uses the game logo and images from the original game scoresheet which Tony Boydell, the game's designer, authorized.
Mar 30, 2014


Snowdonia:: Snowdonia Summary By: DigitalMan
Snowdonia Summary.pdf (70 KB)
One-page PDF summary of Snowdonia, including Setup, Actions, Events, Game Phases and End of Game/Scoring.
Sep 28, 2013

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