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Ra:: Ra Player Aid - Wind Rider 2016 By: magic2c
Ra Player Mat 1.2 - Mike Davis.pdf (2.16 MB)
This is a player aid with the new tile images. I made the images large so you have plenty of room on the mat for the tiles. Let me know if you see any issues.
Sep 12, 2017


Ra:: Ra Player Mat (Minimalistic) By: paupsers
Ra Player Mat.pdf (200 KB)
This is based on indyk1983's player mat.
Sep 2, 2017


Ra:: RA (z-man edition) player mats By: indyk1983
RA eng.jpg (1.09 MB)
Hi, player mat based on Brent Henson version.

Component photos made by phone and pasted in paint :).
Aug 24, 2017


Ra:: Resumen de reglas de Ra By: Otarrec
Resumen Reglas de Ra.pdf (323 KB)
Nueva versión corregida de las reglas
Aug 1, 2017


Ra:: 1sheet: Ra player aid By: mattmiller410
1sheet_Ra_v2.pdf (1.10 MB)
Clean, attractive, straightforward, and now with correct rules!
Mar 6, 2017
1sheet_Ra_v1.pdf (1.10 MB)
Clean, attractive, straightforward.
Mar 2, 2017


Ra:: Brent's Ra Player Mat By: brenthenson
Brent's Ra Player Mat v1.0.pdf (2.56 MB)
This Player Mat expands on Chris's Player Mat found here :

I added in some extra elements to and changed some formatting to my own preferences.

The Mat now shows the tile count in the top left hand corner of each tile.

I also added the RA Tile, Disaster Tiles, and re-worded the rules / some scoring to make it more clear (to me anyways).

If you notice any mistakes let me know in the comments and I will update any issues.


- Brent
Dec 9, 2016


Ra:: Ra - playing mat latest version By: garykagan
ra_mat3.jpg (1.05 MB)
The is a reworked player mat based on the previous versions submitted and feedback from the forums. It uses the images from a more current version of the game. Enjoy!
Sep 12, 2016


Ra:: Ra - Jon's Teaching Aid By: JVallerand
Ra.pdf (375 KB)
After realizing that I do forget rules, I decided to make these 1-page summaries of my games' structure, the starting set-up, the often forgotten rules, the scoring, and other such things. These are bland-looking, bullet-points, straight-to-the-point. If you haven't played a game in a while though, this is all you need.
Aug 21, 2016


Ra:: Carta resumen de puntuación By: Zubera
resumen puntuación.jpg (1.71 MB)
Carta 57x90 mm con resumen de puntuación de losetas.
Ayuda para juego con el funcionamiento de las losetas y la puntuación que otorgan,así como el momento en que lo hacen y cuando deben ser descartadas.
Mar 16, 2016


Ra:: Versão em português do player mat criado por Chris Cormier (zuzusdad) By: marcosestevo
RA-PlayerMat-Portuguse_v2.jpg (2.77 MB)
Versão em português do player mat criado por Chris Cormier (zuzusdad). Chris gentilmente me forneceu o arquivo orginal.
Portuguese version of the player mat created by Chris Cormier (zuzusdad). Chris kindly sent the original file to me.
Sep 4, 2015


Ra:: Play Mat / Cards By: jefflai (10.99 MB)
Helpful cards that work as play mats. I used the services and templates from here:
May 11, 2015


Ra:: Player Mat for RA By: zuzusdad
PlayerMat-forBGG.pdf (3.90 MB)
This is my version of a player mat for Ra.
Dec 3, 2014


Ra:: Ra: aiuto giocatore in italiano By: GabrielGeek
Ra.pdf (461 KB)
Revisione 1.3 con ulteriori chiarimenti al regolamento
Revision 1.3 with additional rules clarifications
Aug 18, 2014
Ra.pdf (459 KB)
Aiuto giocatore in italiano/Player aid in Italian
Fronte/retro a colori

Versione 1.2 finale
Aggiunti i nomi delle Divinità, Civiltà, Monumenti.
Feb 23, 2014


Ra:: Rathulhu Player Mat By: vasilis5755


Ra:: Ra Reminders.pdf By: Roguester
Ra Reminders.pdf (181 KB)
Once, when teaching Lancaster after not having played it in ages, I made a critical error that I didn’t discover until after the game. I said never again and since then I make a “Reminders” sheet for all of my games. The intent was not to cover all the rules but to make note of those little things that can be forgotten. Most of the Reminders start with the set-up and ends with the end of game conditions and scoring. I print them on cardstock and trim away the excess, making an easy to use sheet. They are also a good framework to use when teaching the games. If you click on my user name, then click on Contributions, then go down to Files you can check out my Reminders for all of my games. Enjoy.
Jun 22, 2014


Ra:: Tabela punktacji. By: mendes
Ra - tabela punktacji.doc (34 KB)
Uwaga: tabela jest formatu A4. Dla wygody użytkowania sugeruję wydrukowanie 2 lub 4 tabel na jednej stronie A4.
Apr 1, 2013


Ra:: Paper Ra By: DanielAjoy
Paper Ra-pnp.pdf (80 KB)
Inspired by Thedalek's Pencil & Paper Ra. But this one is in Spanish and it fixes the errors Thedalek's had.

Print a copy of the first two sheets for as many players. I print them side by side, so that I get two sheets per page.

The 3rd and 4th sheets can be used for four different games. They simulate the bag.

You need a new 1st and 2nd sheet for each game (for each player.)
Aug 27, 2012


Ra:: Tapetes y ayudas de RA en español By: CarlosXiangqi
RA AYUDA PUNTOSoptimizado.pdf (851 KB)
Ayuda para puntuar, tamaño carta, color, 2 ayudas por hoja.
May 22, 2012
RaOFICIO_COLORoptimizado.pdf (417 KB)
Tapete Oficio Color
May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012
ra4.pdf (2.30 MB)
Ayuda para puntuar, son 2 ayudas por hoja carta. (cortar por mitad) Blanco y Negro
May 1, 2012
ra5-2bw2.pdf (1006 KB)
Este Tapete tiene espacio para colocar las fichas sin necesidad de poner completamente una encima de otra.
Tamaño Oficio
May 1, 2012
ra3.pdf (380 KB)
Tapete de Ra en español, con puntos y algunos recordatorios del flujo del juego. Tamaño Carta.
Apr 23, 2012


Ra:: RA Polish Rules By: gregvip
ABB 01 - RA_PL.pdf (1.42 MB)
Polish Rules. Polskie tłumaczenie zasad gry
Apr 25, 2012


Ra:: Ratzzia! Retheme By: shadow_bind
Ratzzia (Print Version).pdf (4.25 MB)
Ratzzia! retheme tiles (1.4"x1.4") with a simple scoresheet/scoring guide at the end.
Apr 24, 2012


Ra:: RA cheatsheet in WORD By: debwentworth
RAcheatsheet.doc (37 KB)
Key rules and tile scoring summary.
Dec 2, 2011


Ra:: Tradução das regras para português BR By: Romir
Ra.pdf (5.11 MB)
Rules translation to portuguese BR (based on the german version) - Tradução das regras para português BR (baseado na versão em alemão) - Version 1.0
Oct 4, 2011


Ra:: Stargate-Ra By: Jim Krohn (1.85 MB)
A straight Stargate-SG1 retheme of Ra. Everything about the game play is the same, but the game is set in the Stargate universe instead of ancient Egypt.
Oct 3, 2011


Ra:: Notes for RA in Romanian and English By: djdano
Ra_Notes_RO.pdf (159 KB)
Document based on this document in English:
I have added a Romanian translation to the rules.
Jul 12, 2011


Ra:: Rules Summary and Game Management Cheat Sheet By: bigloo33
Ra Cheat Sheet.doc (25 KB)
Quick reference rules summary for teahing and remembering rules and game management.
Mar 10, 2011

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