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Bausack:: Bausack - English Rules By: HP_Hovercraft
Bausack_english.pdf (670 KB)
The rules for the game 'Knock Out' rewritten in English, and incorporating a few small tweaks and clarifications that I have played with and found helpful.
Aug 17, 2014


Bausack:: Bausack Variants By: oarpi
Bausack Variants.doc (41 KB)
This Word document contains the official rules and variants and those variants found here on BGG.

There is a section with variants created by myself:

In these variants couples compete with each other.
These variants may solve either or both of the following two kinds of situations:
a) More than 6 players to play.
b) Your companion tends to complain about your nasty play style if he or she loses.
Jun 12, 2010


Bausack:: magyar szabályfordítás By: szoffi
bausack.pdf (548 KB)
hungarian translation of rules
Jul 18, 2008


Bausack:: Portuguese rules translation By: Zenao
Bausack_PT.pdf (58 KB)
Tradução das regras dos vários jogos sugeridos.
Apr 15, 2008


Bausack:: English rules By: andraspeter
bausach_english.pdf (569 KB)
The original rules in pdf.
Nov 7, 2007


Bausack:: Bausack.pdf By: Kiko_Senda
Bausack.pdf (65 KB)
Resumen de reglas Knock out en español / Spanish Knock out rules summary
Aug 23, 2006


Bausack:: bausackrules.pdf By: mrbass
bausackrules.pdf (36 KB)
Bausauck English Rules (text formatted to 2 page PDF)
Aug 16, 2006


Bausack:: Bausack_Sac_Noir_Spanish_Rules_Version_1.0.pdf By: garea37
Bausack_Sac_Noir_Spanish_Rules_Version_1.0.pdf (62 KB)
Bausack spanish rules - Version 1.0

Mis otras traducciones y ayudas de juego.
May 26, 2006


Bausack:: bausack no.pdf By: chris1234
bausack no.pdf (138 KB)
Norwegian rules
Jan 22, 2005


Bausack:: Bausack.doc By: giandox
Bausack.doc (42 KB)
Regole in Italiano
Nov 3, 2003


Bausack:: bausa_rg.pdf By: retamator
bausa_rg.pdf (44 KB)
règles françaises
Jan 6, 2003


Bausack:: bausack.txt By: BoardGameGeek
bausack.txt (7 KB)
English translation
May 27, 2001

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