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Axis & Allies 1941:: New ROUND map! AnA 1941 By: perothelegoman
Round_map_skica6_original.png (12.46 MB)
This is my version of the AnA 1941 map in "Round mode". The map is 1 to 1 representation of the original AnA 1941 map concerning the land and sea territories and zones.
Diameter of the map in 73 cm or 28 and 3/4 inches.

Have fun!
Mar 26, 2022

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Axis & Allies 1941:: AXIS and ALLIES BATTLE BOARD (Anniversary ed. style) By: perothelegoman
Just cooked up my version of the Axis and Allies battle board. Enjoy
Feb 27, 2022

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis & Allies 1941 Unit Tokens (homebrew) By: FunkyGrognard
A&A 1941 Tokens.pdf (221 KB)
Simply put, there are not enough tokens for each of the unit types in 'Axis & Allies 1941'. I created additional tokens which an be uploaded, printed, and used.

May 13, 2020

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis & Allies 1941 Unit Statistics Chart By: templd1974
Axis & Allies 1941 Unit Stat Chart.jpg (189 KB)
Axis & Allies 1941 Unit Stat Chart.

Nice and easy to reference cost and stats of units.
Just print and laminate.
Jan 27, 2019

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Custom IPC for Axis & Allies By: mikemcf
Axis and Allies custom IPCs.pdf (269 KB)
I teach HS freshmen. Last year we started a game club, I made sure to pick up A&A 1941. Not having paper money I quickly made up some for the students to use (and embellished them with a little bit of school name - MacArthur Ninth, or Mac9, or M9 as seen in little areas)

I did not print in color. Rather I followed the original format of 1s on green paper, 5s on pink paper, and 10s on blue.

Oct 4, 2018

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Axis & Allies 1941:: IPCs for priniting By: AADITYA THAKUR (603 KB)
Hi friends. I am uploading a zip file of printable IPCs for axis and allies. Hope you like it.
Mar 2, 2018

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Game Saver By: mikemcf
Axis and Allies Game Saver.docx (37 KB)
After teaching some freshmen HS students how to play the game, I came up with this document to save the game so that they could resume playing at a later point (game day is once a week at my school).

Appreciate suggestions to improve.
Feb 15, 2018

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis&Allies 1941 : Phases By: Cairo555
Axis&Allies_Phases1941.svg (70 KB)
Graphical representation of the different phases in the game.
Jul 29, 2017

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis&Allies 1941 : Order Of Play By: Cairo555
Axis&Allies_PlayOrder1941.svg (77 KB)
I made this 'order of play' overview which you can print and show next to the playing field. In the future I might make a stand where you can put it in. For now please let met know if you like it.

I will upload the png version and the svg version of the same file.
Jul 29, 2017

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis & Allies Secret Wars - THE ROLEPLAYING CROSSOVER! By: gloriousbattle
Axis and Allies secret wars.pdf (101 KB)
For those of you who like to add in Nazi flying saucers, Nazi sorcerers raising the Fenris Wolf, the Midgard's Serpent, Cthulhu, whatever, Nazi vampires and zombies, unstoppable Nazi robots... you get the picture (the Japanese also get whacky stuff, of course, like lightning gods and ninjas). This system allows you to turn A&A 1941 into a campaign system for a roleplaying game such as Blood on the Rhine, GURPS Weird Wars or Savage Worlds.

With this system, an A&A game is played as a backdrop to the roleplaying action; the GM plays the Axis, and the PCs play the allies. Each turn the GM rolls on a table to determine what weirdness the Axis throws at the defenders of freedom. And what is there to stop all these menaces of the netherworld and mad science? You guessed it! Your PCs.

Note that this is a roleplaying addition only, and it has the fun of allowing the players to wear two hats, first as their own PCs, and second as Allied High Command. Note that this system is NOT intended to be simply added in to an A&A board game. Without the PCs to balance things, THE AXIS WILL ROLL!
Jun 18, 2017

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Player Aids & Setup Charts By: Mr_Tricorder
player aids.pdf (72 KB)
This file includes a grid-style setup and unit stats chart similar to the charts included in the classic MB version of Axis & Allies. I have also included a small basic player aid that can be printed on the opposite side of the charts or as a separate sheet.
May 21, 2017

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Axis & Allies 1941:: A&A 1941 Battle Board By: Mr_Tricorder
AA1941 Battle Board_v2.pdf (773 KB)
This is a slightly reworked version with a lighter green, darker silhouettes, and black and white text instead of green and tan and "casualties" in white instead of black.
From gallery of Mr_Tricorder

From gallery of Mr_Tricorder
May 21, 2017
AA1941 Battle Board.pdf (696 KB)
I designed this Battle Board to be reminiscent of the classic MB Axis & Allies battle board and uses silhouettes of US and German units. I've included two versions of this battle board so you can use whichever one you prefer or print double-sided.
From gallery of Mr_Tricorder

From gallery of Mr_Tricorder
Feb 1, 2017

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis & allies 1941 rule summary By: rcoxon
Rohans A&A rule summary.pdf (318 KB)
Hi team...
this is an Axis & Allies 1941 rule summary - including the updated startup units list and IPC production from the official FAQ.... only unofficial rule included here is bombardment by battleships (that i saw no reason not in include in this game)
hope you like it...
Nov 14, 2015

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis & Allies 1941 optional additions or variations By: rcoxon
Rohans A&A variants.pdf (262 KB)
Hi again team.....

I have compiled some of the variants and rules that I think would be good to include in the 1941 game... thanks to those who supplied their ideas here that I have borrowed (in particular Mark Chapman for his house rules)...hope you like it
Nov 12, 2015

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis & Allies 1941 Reference Glossary By: garykressner
Axis Allies 1941 Reference.doc (25 KB)
A quick 2-page reference glossary for game rules you always seem to find yourself having to go back and look up. Speeds gameplay, and please comment with any inaccuracies, corrections, or further entries you would like to see
Jan 4, 2015

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Unit and Player Order and Turn Sequence charts By: jwquinn
Axis and Allies Charts.pdf (74 KB)
Combined on one page are the charts and info you find on the gameboard and in the rulebook.
Nov 30, 2012

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Axis & Allies 1941 Variant Advanced Rules By: Yugblad
House_Rules_for_Axis_V1.docx (17 KB)
Additional setup, as discussed at 'Harris Game Design', and choice, National advantages cherry-picked from the 'Revised Edition.'
Nov 21, 2012

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Battlestrip german By: Zockerbox
battle strip german.jpg (322 KB)
The Battlestrip in german language. Selfmade.
Jul 31, 2012

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Axis & Allies 1941:: Battle strip german By: Zockerbox
battle strip german.jpg (322 KB)
This ist the "battle strip" in german language. Selfmade!
Jul 30, 2012