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Twilight Struggle:: Zimna Wojna plansza, Twilight Struggle redesigned board print&play By: Sir_Yaro
TS_MAP_REDESIGN_FINAL_PL_reversed_track_v1.jpg (12.13 MB)
Poprawione literówki i odwrócony tor punktacji


Corrected typos and reversed point track
Jun 30, 2017
Poprawione literówki i parę fontów


Corrected typos and changed font
Jun 30, 2017
TS_MAP_REDESIGN_PL_v7.jpg (14.88 MB)
Adaptacja rosyjskiej planszy do Zimnej Wojny autorstwa Konstantina Sokolova (kotdesign) w moim tłumaczeniu.


"kotdesign" redesigned board game for Twilight Struggle translated to Polish.
Nov 4, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Updated Space Race board overlay for 1st/2nd edtion By: wga8888
170623-Updated-Space-Race-Overlay.pdf (85 KB)
My 1986 2nd edition game's Space Race section of the board is out of date with the current Vassal module/Deluxe edition game. This led to confusion during my first Vassal/ACTs game. I created the current Space Race overlay for the Vassal map to use with my 2nd edition game. I sent email to GMT to inform them.
Jun 26, 2017


Twilight Struggle:: Spanish Rules Summary By: Adri_corr
Twilight Struggle - Spanish Rules Summary.pdf (257 KB)
Rules Summary, my idea is create this kind of files for all my medium and high complexity games, to have it included on the box and quickly remember the rules of the entire game.
Resumen del Reglamento, mi idea es crear este tipo de resumenes para mis juegos de complejidad media y alta, de manera que rápidamente se puedan recordar las reglas de todo el juego.
Apr 28, 2017


Twilight Struggle:: A "Little-Big Variant" By: matsudaira motoyasu
The Battle of Algiers.jpeg (124 KB)
Hi to all,
this card is a "crazy-idea":
1- "The Battle of Algiers" event doesn't exist
2- I like very much all the "optional" cards of the gamers (Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, etc.)
3- in our Group we are testing the game with ALL these cards
4- the total of these cards is 40 (GULP !!!)
5- it's possible to play TS with all these cards ... you simply add 1 Action Round every 20 cards ... so we add 2 Action Rounds
6- Twilight Struggle is a COMPLETE game, but if you want to play with more cards you simply add Action Rounds, so the deck reshuffling is the same.
NB: the only problem ??? ... the game is much longer
Enjoy !,
NB: See also Images - A "Little-Big Variant" ... please, remember to "Thumb Up"
Apr 2, 2017


Twilight Struggle:: TS Influence Markers (6 ...15) By: RitterFips
TS_markers_v4.pdf (590 KB)
Reduced white space for easier cutting.
Mar 18, 2017
TS_markers_v3.pdf (127 KB)
Now going to 23.
Jan 26, 2017
TS_markers_v2.pdf (102 KB)
Layout adjusted. Tried to fix the blue color.
Jan 13, 2017
TS_markers.pdf (102 KB)
Be prepared for the next Ops war in France: Influence markers with values from 6 to 15.
Dec 21, 2016


Twilight Struggle:: Gleichgewicht des Schreckens (Twilight Struggle) - Regelerklärungshilfe By: rattenfaenger
Gleichgewicht_des_Schreckens_Regelerklaerungshilfe_v_1_0.pdf (514 KB)
Eine Regelerklärungshilfe für das Spiel Gleichgewicht des Schreckens nach dem Ansatz von Mario Lanza in "The Finer Points of Teaching Rules". Eine Übersetzung der "Teaching Notes" von Jon Aquino.
Mar 5, 2017


Twilight Struggle:: SoloPlay_TwilightStruggle_SChinese_Version By: wyd1985
冷战热斗solo中文规则.pdf (369 KB)
This is the Simplified Chinese version of SoloPlay_TwilightStruggle which designed by @GameRulesforOne.
Jan 24, 2017


Twilight Struggle:: Hasta la vista By: virlouvet
Star WAR.jpg (43 KB)
With English translation
Nov 28, 2016
Star WAR.jpg (54 KB)
Have a cigar ?
Nov 26, 2016


Twilight Struggle:: One Page Card Tracking Chart for TS By: Johneboy2
TS Card Effects no instructions.pdf (273 KB)
The table is meant to be used as a tracker for all Twilight Struggle Cards, which have cross-effects. For just one example, Arab-Israeli War is cancelled when Camp David Accords is played (for the event, not just for ops). The card depicts 28 of these various combinations, or duration effects, generally divided into early, mid and late war.

Intended use is: Print out to one 8.5 x 11 page and laminate it. The card images are the size of the influence chits that come with the game. When one of the cards is played, lay an appropriate USA or USSR chit on it's image. Then the words written to the right apply until the end of the turn or end of game.

Action Round (AR) and Turn have specific meanings in TS and are used on the card as appropriate.

So, when used properly, a quick glance at the chart shows which cards are having a current effect. Of course, this means it's important to remember to remove chits at the end of turns, as appropriate.

Please comment freely with any corrections or suggestions. However, note it is my intention this chart be only one page, so there is not room for much additional material.

Thanks, John
Oct 4, 2016


Twilight Struggle:: Cajas para cartas By: nidodejuegos
TS_cajas_cartas.rar (3.53 MB)
Cajas para cartas (las llamadas 'tuckboxes' en inglés) con la estética de la edición española de Devir, realizadas por Tzaraath (Nido de juegos).
Visítanos en
Twitter: @nidodejuegos
Sep 26, 2016


Twilight Struggle:: Crisis Variant for TS By: neur0mancer
TS crisis event cards draft version.doc (129 KB)
This file contains Crisis Event Cards playable before each Turn Headline.
This is only draft version (printer friendly) and after playtesting i will make "real" cards according to the final versions of the events.

Please leave your comments and suggestions here or on PM
Jul 29, 2016


Twilight Struggle:: Major Sholto's Coolest-Ever Player Aid Italian Translation By: mastromike
Twilight_Struggle_Player_Aid_02_ITA.pdf (1.97 MB)
It's all written in the title. Thanks to Major Sholto who gave me the permission to upload the italian translation of his amazing player aid.
May 17, 2016


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle custom foam core insert plan By: dpbush
ts.pdf (38 KB)
PDF of my foam core insert design. Provides lift-out trays for cards, U.S. and Soviet chits, and gameplay chits and dice. Designed for Deluxe Editions with the mounted board.
Mar 18, 2016


Twilight Struggle:: The Complete Card List By: afafard
The Complete Card List v1.4.pdf (909 KB)
List of all the cards contained in the game with descriptive details including event text.

Useful in-game reference guide for beginners and intermediate players.

Change log v1.4

Fixed : Removed background color.

Added : Martial Law promo card.
Added : Bagdad Pact promo card.
Added : GMT Kickstarter promo cards.
Jan 16, 2016
The Complete Card List v1.3.pdf (775 KB)

Change log v1.3

Fix : Uniformization of some formattings.
Fix : Emphasized Willy Brandt title (thanks to Patrick Marchal).
Fix : Corrected typo in Bear Trap text (thanks to Gene Baker).
Fix : Few other typos.

Added : Referéndum OTAN entry.
Added : Hyperlinks.
Apr 21, 2012
The Complete Card List v1.1.pdf (747 KB)
Change log v1.1

Fix : Minor spelling errors
Fix : Wrongfully asterisk identified cards (Terrorism, OPEC)

Added : Index section
Added : Page headers
Feb 28, 2012
The Complete Card List.pdf (719 KB)
Initial version.
Feb 23, 2012


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Cards in Historical Order By: alexdrazen
Twilight Struggle Cards in Historical Order.xlsx (43 KB)
This thread asks who would win a game of Twilight Struggle if events played out historically.

I created this file to see if it could help with that question. It lists all of the Twilight Struggle cards by year and highlights them based on their period (light yellow Early, orange mid, light green Late).
Jan 14, 2016


Twilight Struggle:: Reglamento ordenado By: jaimefranco
Reglas Twilight Struggle v1.2.pdf (153 KB)
La idea de este archivo fue comprimir y ordenar todas las reglas del juego sin variantes en solo 2 hojas para que cualquier jugador que conozca o no Twilight Struggle pueda jugarlo de una manera rápida sin tener que lidiar con el manual. Se agradecen likes, comentarios o cualquier aporte que pueda mejorar este documento.
Dec 7, 2015
Reglas Twilight Struggle v1.1.pdf (194 KB)
Nov 18, 2015
Reglas Twilight Struggle.pdf (170 KB)
Nov 11, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Regolamento Italiano Esteso - con note per principianti By: fornacigiorgi
Twilight_Struggle_regolamento_italiano_esteso_Marco_Infussi.pdf (2.85 MB)
Twilight Struggle: Regolamento Italiano Esteso - con note per principianti

Il testo (Versione Deluxe - Regolamento Esteso) è completamente revisionato, riordinato, riassunto da Domitilla D'Amico, con particolare attenzione a chi gioca le prime partite.

Si è notato infatti che i nuovi giocatori non afferrano il meccanismo generale durante le primissime partite.
La logica del gioco viene quindi meglio spiegata, dando priorità ai concetti fondamentali (evidenziati con un triangolino rosso), e presentando le chiarificazioni necessarie al gioco avanzato solo in seguito. Il metodo è testato con numerosi gruppi di gioco.

Aggiunte varianti del gioco, regole riguardanti le più comuni dispute come da Faq v5.1 ed aforismi di personaggi storici all'inizio di ogni paragrafo.

Il manuale è di 20 pagine a colori, contiene immagini e può essere stampato su 3 fogli A3 e rilegato.

Nota: contiene le varianti
- riduzione della casualità
- scappatoia spaziale
- eccessive operazioni militari
- bilanciamento delle probabilità di vittoria
- riallineamento morbido
- influenza con incertezza


Twilight Struggle: Extended Rules for Newbies

This manual is edited to help people play Twilight Struggle for the first time.
File could be printed in color on n.3 A3 sheets of paper.

Also added:
- aphorisms from historical happenings on every paragraph.
- variants
--- randomness reduction
--- space loophole
--- exceeding military operations
--- victory chance balancing
--- soft realignment
--- faulty influence placement

Please ask in the comments if I have to translate it.

Nov 13, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: SoloPlay_TwilightStruggle_v1.doc By: GameRulesforOne
SoloPlay_TwilightStruggle(pdf)_v1.pdf (202 KB)
.pdf file for the SoloPlay rules for Twilight Struggle.

There is no difference between this file and the .doc file. Download the format that best fits your needs.
Oct 27, 2015
SoloPlay_TwilightStruggle_v1.doc (223 KB)
File contains rules to be able to play Twilight Struggle in a solo environment. There are 10 pages of rules and 7+ pages of examples including a complete card manifest explaining how the AI will trigger events etc. Extensive playtesting has been performed to ensure that the variant is balanced and challenging but fair.

This variant was created to challenge casual to expert level TS players.

This file is #36 in the SoloPlay series.

More SoloPlay game files available here on the Geek can be accessed from the following Geeklist:
SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek
Feb 24, 2012


Twilight Struggle:: TS - Referencia Rápida By: alerce
TS - Referencia Rápida v.1.2.pdf (437 KB)
Referencia Rápida para tener a mano, con las reglas más importantes que a veces se olvidan entre una y otra partida.
Diseñada para no tener que navegar por todo el manual de instrucciones con dudas frecuentes.
Sugerencias y correcciones son bienvenidas.

v.1.2: Incorpora más detalles en la distribución de los mazos.
Corrige la redacción de como entran en juego los mazos de guerra media y tardía.
Separa criterios de Victoria en inmediata y al final de la partida, mencionando la puntuación final.
Oct 13, 2015
TS - Referencia Rápida v.1.1.pdf (422 KB)
Referencia Rápida para tener a mano, con las reglas más importantes que a veces se olvidan entre una y otra partida.
Diseñada para no tener que navegar por todo el manual de instrucciones durante las partidas.
Sugerencias y correcciones son bienvenidas.

v.1.1: Cambia el orden de las fases E y F, de acuerdo a la última errata indicada por Ananda Gubpta. (
Jul 31, 2013
TS - Referencia Rápida v.1.0.pdf (422 KB)
Referencia Rápida para tener a mano, con las reglas más importantes que a veces se olvidan entre una y otra partida.
Diseñada para no tener que navegar por todo el manual de instrucciones durante las partidas, y lo comparto por si le es útil a alguien más.
Sugerencias y correcciones son bienvenidas.
Jun 7, 2013


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Japanese card list By: KAEDE
Cards.pdf (117 KB)
Twilight Struggle 4-page monochrome card list, including optional cards of deluxe edition.
Sep 29, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Hebrew Rules By: godZilla15
Twilight_Struggle_Deluxe_Hebrew_Rules.pdf (6.40 MB)
תרגום חוברת החוקים למשחק מאבק דמדומים. מתוך הגרסא העברית בעיצוב מחודש.
Sep 6, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition - Foam core Insert Plan By: Frankenduke
Twilight Struggle Insert Plan.skp (147 KB)
This is the SketchUp plans for a Twilight Struggle insert that I made. The foam core used was 1/8 inch(3.175mm). The plans were done in fractional inch sizes(sorry metric).
File was saved in SketchUp 2015 you may be able to get it convert to metric.
If you upgrade it, or use parts of it don't forget to give credit please.

Thanks Jon.
Jul 18, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Rulebook Index (for Deluxe Edition 2014) By: nsc68
Twilight Struggle Rulebook (Deluxe Edition 2014) - INDEX.pdf (26 KB)
As an exercise to aid in teaching myself the game and learning the rules interrelationships, I created an index for the TS Deluxe Edition (2014) rulebook. Card names are included in the index and found in italic font. Major sections are identified by boldface font. The index itself is page numbered starting at page 33 so that it marries up to the TS Deluxe Edition 2014 rulebook. Hope it proves helpful to others.
Jun 24, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Early War Tuckbox By: dte42
lateTuckbox.pdf (8.10 MB)
Late War tuckbox.
Apr 13, 2015
midTuckbox.pdf (8.07 MB)
Midwar box.
Apr 13, 2015
EarlyTuckbox.pdf (11.19 MB)
Print on some heavy card stock and use double sided tape to assemble. For unsleeved cards.
Apr 13, 2015


Twilight Struggle:: Twilight Struggle Late War Scenario Labyrinth Board By: kingalces
labyrinth twilight struggle late war scenario (v0.1).pdf (45 KB)
This is a further evolution of a file I put together some time ago (

This time, I wanted to make an actual playable board. On a whim, I chose to use the start conditions of the Late War Scenario.

There are several other elements missing from this version of the board (like turn and space trackers). That is intentional, and those will come later.

What I would love is some help with auditing it--I'm really bad about missing small things and could use an extra set of eyes to check whether all my starting influence numbers are right.
Apr 13, 2015

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