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Dungeon Roll:: Updated Achievements and Score Sheet By: Aletheia
Dungeon Roll Score Sheet.pdf (93 KB)
Fixed a spacing error under the Guild Leader achievement.
Dec 13, 2018
Dungeon Roll Score Sheet.pdf (184 KB)
All credit to BGG user kirkowitz, as I simply took his file and made a few changes:

1. For the Guild Leader achievement, I added the Winter heroes and the heroes from booster packs 1 and 2.

2. Minor changes to fonts and layout.

3. Converted to PDF format.
Dec 12, 2018


Dungeon Roll:: Reglas By: Chino27
Dungeon Roll.pdf (1009 KB)
Resumen de las reglas de forma estructuradas
Nov 26, 2018


Dungeon Roll:: Cartas dungeon 8.2 x 6.2 By: Hechizo
tarjetasdungeonR.pdf (868 KB)
Para usar en vez de fichas
Sep 27, 2018


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Delvers Guide - Dungeon Roll rules (9-26-2016) By: sedjtroll
Dungeon Roll_LowResRules.pdf (1.46 MB)
This is a copy of the rulebook as of 9/27/2016
Jul 13, 2018


Dungeon Roll:: Cartas para Dungeon's em PT-BR By: cauboy
Dungeon Cards PT-BR.pdf (1.30 MB)
Criado em cima da criação original de Sid Rain para aventuras em séries para multiplayer ou solo play.
Oct 9, 2017


Dungeon Roll:: Variante en Español (mayor interacción) By: calvoroso
Dungeon Roll Traducción Variante.doc (23 KB)
Variante dirigida a aumentar las tomas de decisiones.
Nov 17, 2016


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Roll Score Sheet (With Achievements) By: kirkowitz
Dungeon Roll Score Sheet.docx (20 KB)
I made this simple score sheet for myself, but figured I might as well post it too.
Aug 19, 2016


Dungeon Roll:: Simple Dungeon Roll Mat By: AnneAndroid
DungeonRoll_QuickMat_v1.pdf (543 KB)
A simple Dungeon Roll throw-away "mat" for printing B&W on standard paper. Trying to teach and play with my husband; this is very simple, but designed to highlight elements easy to forget.
- move 10 sided level die from round 1-3
- xp box is divided to help remind to level up
- monster and loot box is divided to emphasize sequence
Jul 23, 2016


Dungeon Roll:: Russian rules + FAQ By: Igiigi
Dungeon_Roll_Rules_v1_Rev+FAQ_Rus.pdf (6.38 MB)
Качественный перевод правил и FAQ, сверстанный в pdf на основе оригинального буклета.

Перевод и верстка: Jay
Nov 3, 2015


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Roll Tuck Boxes By: Crafty Meeple (1.22 MB)
A set of 3 tuck boxes for Dungeon Roll (1 each for cards, treasure & experience) that fit neatly into the original box.
Aug 3, 2015


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Reroll By: cornixt
DRR-lowcolor.pdf (111 KB)
Alternative game that can be played with the same dice and a few cards, based around a similar mechanism used by Yahtzee and Doodle Dice.
May 27, 2015


Dungeon Roll:: 3d printed box inserts By: nozzy (755 KB)
A set of box inserts to make organising and setting up of the game alot easier.

I printed with 0.2 layer and 20% in-fill, and there should be no need for support material.
Feb 16, 2015


Dungeon Roll:: Definitive Dungeon Roll sheet 1.1 ENG By: master78
Dungeon Roll table 1.1.pdf (1.91 MB)
This is the definitive Dungeon Roll sheet, created by me, good to keep in order on your table.

A4 sheet, print, recommend and play! ;)
Jan 8, 2015


Dungeon Roll:: The Definitive Dragon Expansion for Dungeon Roll By: alvaroclaver (5.05 MB)
In this file you can find all the cards in 4x A4 sized jpg @300ppp ready for printing for your convenience. Description below.
Recommend and share if you like it!
Nov 27, 2014 (5.71 MB)
3 of 3 zip files with the cards in separated jpgs. Description below.
Recommend and share if you like it!
Nov 26, 2014 (7.15 MB)
2 of 3 zip files with the cards in separated jpgs. Description below.
Recommend and share if you like it!
Nov 26, 2014 (7.14 MB)
1 of 3 zip files with the cards in separated jpgs. Description below.
Recommend and share if you like it!
Nov 26, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Roll - Labyrinth By: Brackard
Dunegon Roll Adventures - Labyrinth.pdf (12 KB)
Many enter the Labyrinth only one makes it out - maybe. This is a variant of Dungeon Roll that pits the players against the Labyrinth (and sometimes each other). Who can make it out? The better question is how long before the Labyrinth claims its next victim? Have fun!
Oct 23, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Roll - egyedi szabályvariánsok By: boresit
DG-szabalymodositasok.pdf (114 KB)
Egyedi szabálymódosítások, mivel túl könnyűnek találtuk a játékot.
Sep 29, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Roll player sheet By: boresit
dungeon-roll-sheet.pdf (2.89 MB)
By this sheet we can play simultan with more players.

At the beginning of rounds every players roll with party dices, and instead of party dices everybody use any markers, tokens or cubes (for example from other games) on dice column.

When a dice placed to the grave, instead dice we use a marker, and when must reroll, we use a party dice, and after we put marker to its own column.
Sep 29, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Roll - Adventures By: Brackard
Dunegon Roll Adventures - Shadow of the Light.pdf (240 KB)
Are you sure you aren't more than a farm hand? Find out in Dungeon Roll - Adventures. This variant uses Dungeon Roll as the base and adds a RPG like framework around it. It is a non-linear, multiple ending quest that is a nice change from your one on one battles of Dungeon Roll.
Sep 15, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Roll_Korean_Rule By: leemigyo
Dungeon Roll_Korean_Rule.pdf (983 KB)
Dungeon Roll_Korean_Rule
Aug 14, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Interaction Add-on: Twists and Challenges By: benjamintham
DR - Twists & Challenges PnP.pdf (1.71 MB)
A simple add-on to allow pretty deep player interaction.

Ink-friendly PnP, for printing at home.
Jun 15, 2014
DungeonRoll - Twists and Challenges (3.20 MB)
A simple add-on to allow pretty deep player interaction.

More about this at:
May 23, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Rohan's Dungeon Roll Variant By: rcoxon
Rohan's Dungeon Roll Variant.pdf (7.31 MB)
I have compiled my own variant, borrowing from many posts on this site and incorporating paddirn’s excellent Dungeon Cards for an advanced game. Many thanks to all who contribute and share their ideas here.
See notes in variants forum
Print two to a page and double sided to get two half page size rule sheets.
Cheers Rohan.
May 8, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Homemade Dragon expansion for Dungeon Roll By: sdschiltz
dungeon roll dragons expansion final.pdf (1.39 MB)
A pdf version of the Dragons Eaxpansion
Apr 26, 2014
dungeon roll dragons expansion final.docx (8.64 MB)
homemade dragon expansion for dungeon roll!
Apr 25, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Traduzione Carte Personaggio By: elflum
Dungeon Roll Carte Aggiornato.rar (9.87 MB)
Traduzione delle carte personaggio, nel layout originale, pronte da ritagliare e incollare sulle carte.

Nuova revisione:
Corretto un errore di traduzione nella descrizione della Specialty del Capo-Tribù (Chieftain)

Aggiunto il nome "Comandante", mancante nel file iniziale.

Translation of the character cards, in original layout, ready to cut and drag on the cards.
Apr 2, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Italian Rulebook By: EssE999
DungeonRoll_ITA.pdf (125 KB)
Traduzione amatoriale in italiano del regolamento originale. Amateur translation of the original Rulebook
Mar 7, 2014


Dungeon Roll:: Dungeon Roll - Dragon's End (Co-operative Variant) By: sleekr
Dragons End.pdf (558 KB)
This is a Co-operative Variant for Dungeon Roll, that focuses on minimal game play changes.
The goal is for one Party member to reach Level 10 and defeat the Dragon on that level.
Jan 22, 2014

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