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Empire Builder:: Comment jouer à Empire Builder By: cyrunicorn
cgTradEmpireBuilderHowToPlay.pdf (3.96 MB)
Traduction française de "How To Play Empire Builder"

Oct 30, 2015


Empire Builder:: Règles du jeu By: cyrunicorn
cgTradEmpireBuilderRules.pdf (6.17 MB)
Traduction française des règles de Empire Builder
Oct 30, 2015


Empire Builder:: Empire Builder location map By: davidf
EB location map.jpg (733 KB)
Empire Builder player aid for locating cities and towns more easily.
Feb 3, 2012


Empire Builder:: Empire Builder goods locator (map) By: davidf
EB goods map.jpg (811 KB)
Empire Builder player aid for locating goods quickly.
Feb 3, 2012


Empire Builder:: Teaching Guide for Crayon Rails from The How to Play Podcast By: RyanSturm
HTP Teaching Guide 08 Crayon Rails BW.pdf (227 KB)
Black and White version of the original teaching guide.
Jun 4, 2011
HTP Teaching Guide 08 Crayon Rails.pdf (223 KB)
Here is a short outline to keep with your game and assist you when you need to teach the game. The outline includes an opening hook, a step by step outline on a suggested order in which to teach the meat of the rules and some beginning strategy. To hear an example explanation using this outline or to learn the game yourself listen to "The How to Play Podcast Episode #8 Crayon Rails" available at
Oct 10, 2010


Empire Builder:: Empire Builder Player Aid By: jamesdwightwells
EmpireBuilderPlayerAid.pdf (3.39 MB)
Empire Builder Payer Aid: Contains the following information Building Cost, The Start, The Finish, Available Loads and Cities. Created and published with permission of Mayfair Games, Inc., Skokie, IL USA. Copyright (
Nov 22, 2010


Empire Builder:: South American Rails Cards By: Piqsid
South America Cards.xls (273 KB)
These are the demand cards and load tokens for the South American Rails game.
Apr 13, 2010


Empire Builder:: South American Rails Map By: Piqsid
South America Map.pdf (233 KB)
This is the map for my South American Rails game.
Apr 13, 2010


Empire Builder:: Load Tokens Replacement Print File By: revtiedye
EmpireBuilder Labels3.pdf (1.31 MB)
PDF File for printing on Avery 5167 Return address Labels (80/sheet)
My Game was missing many of the load tokens, so, using this image:
I created a file I could print on the Avery Labels. The Labels were wrapped around pennies. Not beautiful, but without this fix, I never would have discovered that this is my favorite game.

I sliced and diced, manipulated, and crashed my computer several times, but eventually I managed to create a PDF with a reasonable file size, so here it is.
Jan 26, 2010


Empire Builder:: Chicago Rails By: Piqsid
Chicago_Rails_V2.xls (4.04 MB)
Updated my Chicago Rails file. I corrected all the spelling errors (at least all the ones my wife caught). I added two rivers (Fox and Des Plaines). I also added 20 event cards.

Comments are welcome.
Nov 30, 2009
Chicago Rails.xls (3.53 MB)
This is a Variant to Empire Builder of the Chicago Area. I've included the innerworkings of the game design that would allow anyone else to design a game for any area.
Nov 16, 2009


Empire Builder:: SoloPlay_EmpireBuilder_v1.pdf By: GameRulesforOne
SoloPlay-EmpireBuilder.pdf (2.89 MB)
File contains the rules to be able to play a SoloPlay variant for Empire Builder. The game plays quickly, in about an 60-90 minutes. It will challenge the experienced Empire Builder player. All attempts have been made to give this variant a high level of variability in the play.

For more solo game variants and a discussion about this game's design click the following link: (Empire Builder SoloPlay Design)

More game files available here on the Geek can be accessed from the following Geeklist:
SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek
Oct 16, 2009


Empire Builder:: Master list of loads (by icon) used in all Crayon Rails games By: mark_biggar
crayon rails loads.xls (57 KB)
Updated, added Martian rails, changes from new edition EuroRials
Aug 17, 2009
crayon rails loads.xls (53 KB)
Updated, added web published African Rails and German Rails games
May 2, 2008


Empire Builder:: Empire Builder Goods Reference Page from 2008 Edition Rule Book By: RangerRob
EmpireBuilderGoodsReference.pdf (511 KB)
Corrected vertical alignment. This is the goods reference page from the 2008 edition rule book. You can print it front and back and then cut down the middle to get 2 reference sheets per page.
Mar 31, 2009


Empire Builder:: Empire Builder 5th Ed Playsheet Source.xls By: slalderma
Empire Builder 5th Ed Playsheet Source.xls (234 KB)
Excel sourcefile to the Playsheet PDF; with this, a player can use the values from the contracts in calculations on optimal routing, connections, and any other desired algorithms for advanced play.
Aug 23, 2006


Empire Builder:: Empire Builder Playsheet 5th Ed.pdf By: slalderma
Empire Builder Playsheet 5th Ed.pdf (660 KB)
Compilation of demand cards organized by city. Each city is listed individually with production and demand cargoes; each demanded cargo is then referenced to the cities in which it is produced.
Aug 3, 2006


Empire Builder:: EmpireBuilder_Aid.pdf By: TheGoblin
EmpireBuilder_Aid.pdf (251 KB)
A very useful table listing cities producing each kind of good, goods produced by each city and geographic areas for locating cities on the board. It's an Acrobat (PDF) document.
Mar 17, 2003

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