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That's Life!:: Verflixxt - Hoja de Ayuda y Variantes By: Ikarus
Verflixxt - Hoja de Ayuda y Variantes.pdf (114 KB)
Resumen de juego y algunas variantes interesantes tomadas de diferentes fuentes.
Dec 7, 2016

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That's Life!:: Own set for That's Life By: bithalver
thats_life_8cm_bw.pdf (5 KB)
Replacement very fast set for the game.

Use it only if you own an original.
Jan 13, 2010

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That's Life!:: Variant 6 translation from Wolfgang Kramer site By: GeoMan
VERFLIXXT new Variant.pdf (180 KB)
This is an English translation of the last variant (6th) posted on Wolfgang Kramer's site.
Nov 9, 2009

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That's Life!:: Rules for the Worminator Variant from Verflixxt Kompakt By: fnord23
Worminator rules.pdf (27 KB)
This variant is from Verflixxt! Kompakt, and is compatible with the original game.
May 14, 2009

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That's Life!:: Concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet04 - That's Life.ppt (51 KB)
Concise reference sheet for teaching the game and easy reference
Dec 29, 2007

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That's Life!:: That's_Life_Rules.doc By: Gonzaga
That's_Life_Rules.doc (20 KB)
English rules for "The Pitfall" expansion
Dec 24, 2005

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That's Life!:: That's_Life_Pitfall.png By: Gonzaga
That's_Life_Pitfall.png (1.10 MB)
Expansion "The Pitfall"
Dec 24, 2005

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That's Life!:: AdditionalOfficialVerflixxt.pdf By: BoardGameGeek
AdditionalOfficialVerflixxt.pdf (22 KB)
Additonal Official variants
Jun 28, 2005

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That's Life!:: Verflixxt.pdf By: BoardGameGeek
Verflixxt.pdf (28 KB)
Complete Verflixxt! Rules in English
Jun 7, 2005