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Fireball Island:: Fireball Island Cards (Digital) By: tylorlilley
FBI_Cards_v3.pdf (10.62 MB)
Fixed an incorrect font on the last page (the last 3 magic talisman cards)
Jan 1, 2016
FBI_Cards_v2.pdf (10.62 MB)
Fixed a small spacing issue on the Cancel card and a small issue with the font being slightly too bold and bleeding together and the rest of the cards.
Dec 24, 2015
FBI_Cards.pdf (10.62 MB)
A digital re-creation of the original Fireball Island cards with a stylized version of the original art. This is to be used to create a replacement deck with a consistent look for those who have lost some or all of the original cards.
Dec 23, 2015


Fireball Island:: La Isla de Fuego Instrucciones en español By: kapi21
La Isla de Fuego Instrucciones.pdf (9.94 MB)
Instrucciones en español de este fantastico juego.
Jan 13, 2013


Fireball Island:: Krakatoa Expansion Card By: herman_the_german
krakatoa card.jpg (419 KB)
Krakatoa Expansion.

To be used when a player is just clowning around and doesn't really want to end the game. Typically said player will try to avoid the bridges and escape to the caves or run away from other players to protect ownership of jewel.

Place at bottom of deck at the beginning so that it's not played prematurely. Play any time after that, (by that time a player will likely have the jewel,) then just count down on a die or something like that.

Print out or use in Artscow deck.
Jul 24, 2011


Fireball Island:: FIREBALL ISLAND: 25th Anniversary Cards By: Fireball Island
FIREBALL ISLAND 25th Anniversay Edition part 2.rar (2.62 MB)
Make sure to download the rules too!
Jul 19, 2010


Fireball Island:: FIREBALL ISLAND: 25th Anniversary Edition Rules By: Fireball Island
FIREBALL ISLAND 25th Anniversay Edition part 1.rar (5.90 MB)
Fireball Island came out in 1986. If you count every single year from then to now (1986-2010) that makes 25. Good enough for me! Welcome to the Fireball Island 25th Anniversary Edition Celebration!!!

The Fireball Island: 25th Anniversay Edition package I have put together includes:
- A fully defined rulebook of the classic rules (includes timing breakdowns and other rules not described in the original rulebook, like doubling your roll when in a cave and then entering a new cave!)
- Team rules for an insane 2-on-2 expedition for the jewel
- And lastly 16 character cards and the rules for using them. If they are used the basic gameplay remains exactly the same, but your strategy will have to change depending on what character you are and what characters you are up against! Each character is a generic stereotype, but the image for each character is represented with art of a famous person in that role! Great fun!
Jul 19, 2010


Fireball Island:: Fireball Island Inferno Expansion Rules By: Eikon
inferno.doc (42 KB)
Adds 10 new items and 2 events and comes complete with a printable card set.
Jun 19, 2008


Fireball Island:: Fireball_Island_REVISED Clue_Expansion.doc By: FrankLJ
Fireball_Island_REVISED Clue_Expansion.doc (32 KB)
Replaces old Clue variant rules
Jan 24, 2007


Fireball Island:: Fireball Island Clue Expansion.doc By: FrankLJ
Fireball Island Clue Expansion.doc (29 KB)
The Weapons of 'Clue' on the Island
Oct 29, 2006

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